Wednesday, February 27, 2008

concert review: Mika @ The Warfield

What constitutes an excellent concert? Superb vocals, crisp music? A good connection with the audience? A captivating spectacle that simultaneously satiates our desires for music and eccentric theatre? The Mika concert at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco last night encompassed each of these things and then some; to top it all off Mika continued his habit of meeting fans after the show, signing autographs and sharing his warm smile with adoring fans. During the actual concert, he carried each note perfectly, delivering his signature falsettos flawlessly while also establishing himself as proficient with softer, more intimate vocals in songs such as "Any other world". He fluctuated between heartfelt ballads and catchy pop tunes, invoking a vast scope of emotions in the audience (which was evident from their reactions: dancing to swaying to dancing again etc.) The show itself was extraordinary by its own merit, from skits to Mika's signature ditsy dance moves, it was quite a visual feast. Artists like Mika are rare enough as it is, but his live performance seals the deal. Don't do yourself a disservice by dismissing Mika as just another flamboyant pop singer, because he transcends any stereotype or label that people may attribute to him; he is truly a gem who history will one day recognize as one of the greatest artists in contemporary music.

As for the opening band, The Midway State, the vocals were not memorable (or enjoyable really), the bass uninspired and the tempo way too slow. The singer sounded like a less irritating Fray, trying way too hard to sound pretty. The guitarist delivered a strong performance and the drummer evidently has talent but is not using his full potential. Listening to their EP, "Met a man on top of the hill", my dwindling faith in the band was given a tiny boost, the record is a bit more than decent. I sincerely hope that the singer stops trying to force his voice to do something he is obviously not suited for and the band as a whole kicks it up a notch; they have a lot of potential but nonetheless require a lot of refining before they can establish themselves as a band to be reckoned with.

- 13 February 2008

Mika- My Interpretation

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