Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Strokes Post #255

I wish it was Christmas today.
I love Christmas music so damn much. combine that with Julian's voice, and, to top everything off, I wasn't expecting to hear this for at least another month--so seriously, I wish it was Christmas today. this is so perfect.

I think my fixation with the holiday derives from my nostalgia for the snow days I never had and the lack of Christmas trees in my childhood household. I have such issues.

read all about it HERE, the song was originally featured on SNL

I think Jules needs more cowbell.

[many thanks to Rachel aka klein for the links!]


Katie said...

I think he does too.


Anonymous said...

Have you lived in California your whole life (I'm figuring from the no snow thing).

Anonymous said...

...I actually really like this despite it being a joke and all. I'll probably listen to it a ton on Christmas haha.

Hanan said...

yes. specifically, I've spent my whole life in the SF Bay Area

1989- 1990 = Kuwait

1990-1991 = Pittsburg (the non-PA one)

1991-1999 = Burlingame (I grew up really broke around a bunch of really rich kids. Hillsborough, which is right next to Burlingame, has the highest real estate values in the country)

1999-2007 = Santa Clara (Silicon Valley)

2007-2009 = Berkeley

current = Santa Clara

Jon Wolf said...

This is F'ing GREAT, thank you for posting!!!

Anonymous said...

Dang, I can't imagine a winter without snow. We've been getting less and less every year, but still. And it never snows here till like February, which always pisses me off because by then I'm ready for spring. All I ever want is a white Christmas. Then the cold can go away haha.

But I actually kind of want to move to that area. I've never been, but weather alters my mood so much. I'm so much more motivated when it's nice out. I think Julian's mentioned realizing something similar since being in LA.

Allie the super racist snl clip dragon said...

ive never seen snow, a mountain, or even been anywhere more than a few feet above sea level. my childhood christmasses were spent around bayous & sugarcane fields! I loved it though. now this is a christmas book dont feel left out hanan, christmas aint about christ its about presents and corny claymation & songs. and overeating of course.

Allie the racist postscript dragon said...

I do not feel like a tourist in the swampland, amoung the water and land.

sorry i had to add it

Allie the correction racist dragon said...

WAIT A SECOND what the hell video was that???!! This is the original snl song

Hanan said...

oh, thanks Allie. I had never heard the song, that's why I posted the wrong link. I'll fix it.

Anonymous said...

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