Saturday, February 5, 2011

preview Under Cover of Darkness!


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I'll wait for you, Julian C.

Jack White and Danger Mouse deliver a new song

Danger Mouse said:“I played some of the music for Jack White when I was on tour shortly after doing the first session, just to show him what I was doing, because at the time everyone thought I was just a hip-hop guy, or whatever. He liked it, but at the time I wasn’t even thinking of using him – you know, it’s Jack White. But in the end, I thought, he’s really into it – why not? He tried it in different voices – a high voice, a low voice, and I thought, why don’t we leave them all in? There’s a bunch of his vocals on Rose With The Broken Neck, and it doesn’t always sound like him – sometimes you’re like, is that Jack or not?”

"Two Against One" is eerie and has distinctive Southern charm. listen to it HERE

The song comes from Rome, Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s multiple-collaboration joint musical experiment. You know how Danger Mouse does it. Jack White also lends vocals on "The Rose With The Broken Neck"

Rome will be released on March 1st.

01. Theme Of Rome
02. The Rose With The Broken Neck
03. Morning Fog (Interlude)
04. Season’s Trees
05. Her Hollow Ways (Interlude)
06. Roman Blue
07. Two Against One
08. The Gambling Priest
09. The World (Interlude)
10. Black
11. The Matador Has Fallen
12. Morning Fog
13. Problem Queen
14. Her Hollow Ways
15. The World

The Strokes Post #613

preorder Angles HERE
I want a leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak now.

Alex Turner to release solo acoustic soundtrack (+ new AM album this year)

The film is called “Submarine” and was released at Sundance. The soundtrack (which is supposedly very much removed from anything Turner has done with Arctic Monkeys) is set for a March 14 UK release

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read: Chuck Klosterman on The White Stripes

the cover story from October 2002 has been republished on SPIN's website.

"Like Pavement in '92, the Stripes brought romance and mystery to an indie underground devoid of rock'n'roll fantasy."

read the whole thing HERE

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"you're the only thing I ever want anymore"

this song scared me the first time I heard it. that's how good it is.

RIP White Stripes

much respect.

The White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button [mp3]

must watch video: Spoon on La Blogotheque

they're playing in a record shop in Paris. need I say more?

also, they play my personal favourite:

"I'm in need of someone to take care of me tonight"

Spoon - Black Like Me (La Blogotheque) [mp3]

Spoon - Got Nuffin (La Blogotheque) [mp3]

Spoon - The Ghost of You Lingers (La Blogotheque) [mp3]

many thanks to HAD who sent me this way.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Strokes Post #612

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