Friday, March 19, 2010

band of the week: Broken Bells

Danger Mouse is one of our best modern composers. Although I have never been a huge fan of The Shins, this project showcases James Mercer’s voice perfectly, and I dig it—a whole fucking lot.

Broken Bells sounds like anything but their raucous title, and the debut album is only consistent in the quality of music—that is, excellent. The interplay of Mercer and Brian Burton beautifully melds so many genres: hip hop, folk, electronica. Gorgeous string arrangements seem to pop out of nowhere. It’s hard to believe that these songs derive from the same album, but they form a unity like that of a soundtrack or film score: inconspicuous relationships that make perfect sense once you see them all together, but not immediately noticeable at first. Best of all, the music doesn’t seem to fit any sort of time period (ie 60s psychedelia, 70s punk, 90s restlessness or what have you) and doesn’t have any obvious influences. It’s music for music sake, if you will. Pure artistic expression.

Broken Bells are annoyingly listenable, from start to finish. Go out and pick up the record if you haven’t already.

song of the day: Rise Against- Savior

I love Rise Against. I always will. I don't listen to them a lot anymore because they remind me of my sXe vegan teenage self and then my cigarette smoking, drug consuming, cheese eating modern person feels guilty.

regardless, I always try to catch them in concert...they were at my first ever festival (BFD 2006!) and continue to awe me every time Warped tour comes to town.

oh, and here's an mp3

Rise Against - Savior [mp3]

from Appeal to Reason

The Strokes Post #386

I'm back! just finished sorting through a monstrous mound of emails and RSS goodness.

to make up for the last week of non-posts, here is the Phrazes for the Young Bonus Disc ZIP FILE as per requested by dozens of you. literally, dozens!


Monday, March 15, 2010

The Strokes Post #385

didn't realize this was on YT...

watch it if you haven't. for the love of twinkies, watch it.

temporarily incapacitated

I have not died. my battery adapter, however, has. Music Induced Euphoria will resume once I recieve my new one in the mail. but don't fret, cause it shipped this morning, y'all