Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Strokes Post #634

I think my ovaries are about to explode.
this was my best last minute decision EVER.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

new music: The Henry Clay People - California Wildfire

sometimes I forget that THCP are from California. they're so uncool and they embrace it and rock your socks off. kinda like Pavement, who are also from California.
anyways, this song is from their forthcoming This Is a Desert EP, and it's awesome.

video: The National - Conversation 16

LOOK, IT'S ROGER!!! and Mel from Flight of the Concords, minus the craziness.

The National

this is actually my favourite National song and I listened to it a LOT yesterday. the video is...strange. but so are Matt's lyrics.

The Strokes Post #633

there is a reason that 30 sec previews don't do The Strokes (or Julian) justice.
Strokes magic (the natural phenomenon which doctors recommend you experience on a daily basis) lies in build up build up build up and RELEASE.

The Strokes - Machu Picchu [mp3]

The Strokes - Taken for a Fool [mp3]

new Sondre Lerche: "Domino" (+ forthcoming self titled album)

Sondre Lerche - "Domino" by Yep Roc Music Group

Sondre Lerche
is out June 7th

01 “Ricochet”
02 “Private Caller”
03 “Red Flags”
04 “Go Right Ahead”
05 “Coliseum Town”
06 “Never Mind The Typos”
07 “Domino”
08 “Living Dangerously”
09 “Tied Up To The Tide”
10 “When The River”

new music: Explosions in the Sky - Trembling Hands (+ tour dates)

this has a much faster, more upbeat energy than the instrumental band's previous work, but at the end it leaves you as breathless and awed as any of their other songs.

Explosions in the Sky - Trembling Hands [mp3]
from the forthcoming Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

they play The Fox Theatre in Oakland May 1st. presale on Thursday, March 10th, password: bakesale
buy tickets for other cities HERE

2011 US tour
4/3 Amos' Southend, Charlotte, NC
4/4 The National, Richmond, VA
4/6 Radio City Music Hall, NY
4/8 Stage AE, Pittsburg, PA
4/9 Outland Live, Columbus, OH
4/10 The Blue Note, Columbia, MO
4/30 Hollywood Forever, LA
5/1 Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
5/3 The Backyard, Austin, TX
5/4 Woodlands Pavilion, Woodlands, TX

check out their MYSPACE for European dates and more

The Strokes Post #632

Albert's smile makes my heart go warm and fuzzy.

SPIN has a photo shoot about the band called "10 Years of Downtown Cool",which includes a photo with Ryan Adams (and Courtney Love, unfortunately) which I had never seen before:

I liked this one too:

my only complaint is that SPIN, like a lot of other mags/blogs, continues to talk about Drew Barrymore as Fab's (ex) love interest and don't talk a lot about Binki, whom Fab has been with for a good few years now. at least since 2008, which was three years ago, and probably a little longer.


the guitar tone on Nick's solo is the purest sound I've ever heard

Wednesday Night: The Rumble SF presents Grand Lake, The Tellers, The Spyrals

another night of great free music for those who can legally drink. RSVP here or pay $5 at the door. music starts at 9PM.

Milk Bar is on 1840 Haight Street.

here's a new track from Grand Lake. catch the band tonight and on March 20 at Amnesia, they won't play any more shows for a little while.

Grand Lake - Which Days Were Those Days [mp3]

Grand Lake's website
The Tellers on MYSPACE
The Spyrals' website

sample all three bands HERE at The Rumble's website

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Strokes Post #631

you know how when Julian said he quit drinking he wasn't telling the whole truth?
I follow his example

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Strokes Post #630

up on a hill is where we begin...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Strokes Post #629

mmmm Angles is building up to be monumental.
my attempts at lyrics:

Animals will take these things about some pain that they once felt
There’s no one that I disapprove more of or root for more than myself
I wanted to pretend that it was better better better on the phone
I didn’t wanna tell you I was jealous jealous jealous and alone
So we talked about ourselves in hell
To forget the love we never felt
Are we all jokes, then what’s the world?
It matters too
Don’t try to stop us, don’t try to stop us, don’t try to stop us
Get out of the way
Got to get to climb your tree in the light of the living ghost I see
She sees her father in the poor man’s eyes
It’s crippling he says (?)
Animals on tv singing about something they felt at some point
I wanted to tell you it was better better better
What’s the point?
As I watched the veil
With dreams so clear
And the door was closed
For forty years
Cause we hide what we don’t wanna hear
As we hide our dream here
He is coming from a part of hell
Well why then do I not go down well (?)
We can tell it well
I’m barely up
It’s a picture man, we dig as well
Making fools out of the best of us
Making robots of the rest of us
And the tale to tell a million girls today
Where’s our time just look
Don’t try to stop us don’t try to stop us don’t try to stop it
Get out of the way

at 3:48, while Jules is singing "I'll wait for you", I swear Fab is about to cry. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, CAL! your dad is the coolest dude alive.