Friday, April 15, 2011

new thcp ep

Our time is for wasting, so let’s get wasted away

band of the week: James Blake

What do you get when you take a talented British musician with a deep, soulful voice and dub beats all over his croons? You get James Blake. Blake has been well versed and educated in all things pertaining music for years now and currently is making his living as an electronic composer. How exceptionally convenient for us, that an extremely talented electronic artist gains attention right around the same time that James Murphey decided to retire. Blake’s music is less danceable than LCD Soundsystem, and by less danceable, I mean it’s a lot more like listen-to-indoors-while-it-rains-outside r&b music than it is dance-floor appropriate. Blake's songs are slow and powerful, and they strongly remind me of Antony and the Johnsons. Blake's music is extraordinarily beautiful, and it deserves your time.

Coachella streaming live videos on Youtube

via TSN

Watch HERE

Channel 1
04:10PM – The Drums
04:55PM – Cee Lo Green
05:45PM – Moving Units
06:30PM – Ozomatli
07:25PM – Interpol
08:35PM – Ms. Lauryn Hill
09:55PM – Kings of Leon
11:15PM – The Black Keys
12:05AM – Gayngs

Channel 2
04:00PM – !!!
04:50PM – Warpaint
05:35PM – Cold Cave
06:25PM – YACHT
07:10PM – Cold War Kids
08:00PM – Titus Andronicus
09:00PM – The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart
10:00PM – Tame Impala
10:55PM – Monarchy
12:00AM – Flogging Molly

Channel 3
04:30PM – The Morning Benders
05:45PM – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
07:25PM – Interpol – surveillance
08:20PM – Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Channel 1
04:00PM – Freelance Whales
04:50PM – Erykah Badu
06:05PM – Broken Social Scene
06:55PM – Here We Go Magic
07:40PM – Gogol Bordello
08:30PM – Mumford & Sons
09:25PM – The Swell Season
10:20PM – Bright Eyes

Channel 2
04:30PM – Two Door Cinema Club
05:20PM – Cage The Elephant
07:00PM – The New Pornographers
07:55PM – The Kills
09:05PM – Big Audio Dynamite
10:05PM – Elbow
11:00PM – Raphael Saadiq
11:55PM – Scissor Sisters

Channel 3
04:00PM – Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears
05:45PM – Jenny and Johnny
06:35PM – Yelle
08:00PM – Brandt Brauer Frick
10:25PM – Empire Of The Sun

Channel 1
04:00PM – Wiz Khalifa
05:00PM – Nas & Damian Marley
06:10PM – Death from Above 1979
07:25PM – The National
08:30PM – Ratatat
08:55PM – The Strokes

Channel 2
04:00PM – Fun.
05:55PM – Fistful of Mercy
07:25PM – Duran Duran
08:35PM – Chromeo
09:45PM – PJ Harvey
11:10PM – She Wants Revenge

Channel 3
02:20PM – MEN
03:50PM – Angus & Julia Stone
04:45PM – HEALTH
06:05PM – Best Coast
06:55PM – Foster the People

in other news, Jesus hates Coachella. HAHAHAHA

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chain Gang of 1974 - Undercover

electro-pop done right.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slash at Amoeba

California Wives - Tokyo

springtime is here, the sun's out and music seems light and airy again.
here's a great track from an up and coming Chicago band called California Wives

California Wives - Tokyo [mp3]
I love that they're from Chicago, they named themselves after the sunshine state, and they write dreamy, new wave-y music about buildings, houses, and lights in...Japan.

MGMT - Metanoia

MGMT - Metanoia [mp3]

you haven't heard MGMT if you haven't heard this song.
the song consists of 14 glorious minutes of dazzling glimmer, and it sounds like Queen on acid.

The Heavenly States - Model Son (+record store day exclusive)

from Oui Camera Oui (Hippies are Dead records)

If you preorder Oui Camera Oui, purchase the vinyl on April 16 or spend $10 or more at their favorite record store on Record Store Day, you will receive a free ticket to see the band that very same night in San Francisco, CA, at The Red Devil Lounge.

record review: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Belong

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have, since their inception, been a band that channels older music really well and efficiently, warming your cold hipster heart with comforting shoegaze sounds of the My Bloody Valentine variety. On their sophomore effort, the NY band continues with this trend, although they look to slightly different places for inspiration. I hear more upbeat post-punk music all over Belong, and The Cure being their focal point. Robert Smith could have written “My Terrible Friend” or “Heaven’s Gonna Happen Now”, which features the most memorable guitar solo I’ve ever heard from TPoBPaH. The song, which is clearly the strongest on the album, winds round and round, like two young lovers on a merry go round. “Heart in Your Heartbreak” is driven by a delightfully cheesy 80’s guitar line while “Anne with an E” is wistfully delicate and slightly reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel. The band dips into more modern sounds with “Girl of 1000 Dreams”, a song vying to be the indie version of Blink 182 and the final two tracks, which are softspoken and begging to be beat up in a way that I used to think were reserved for Keane.

All in all, although it's neither groundbreaking nor absolutely vital, it's a decent (albeit often times too sweet) album, definitely worth a listen or two.


TPoBPaH will play a free in-store gig at Amoeba San Francisco on April 19th at 6:30 PM.

stream: The Henry Clay People - This Is A Desert EP

listen to the whole shebang at
THCP will play Coachella this year. check them out if you're going.

The Henry Clay People - California Wildfire [mp3]

new Arctic Monkeys: "Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair"

Arctic Monkeys - Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair
from their forthcoming fourth LP Suck It and See

when I reviewed Humbug, I alluded to my feelings that our favourite Sheffield boys were experimenting with the sound of grimy American bands like Queens of the Stone Age and The Doors. this track affirms my suspicions and I absolutely love it. Alex Turner channeling Jim Morrison is perfect. "do the Macarena in the devil's lair". oh la la.

Outside Lands 2011 lineup (Muse, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Beirut and much more)

I've been really bad at posting these last couple of weeks but I'll try to be better from now on. for now, here is the OL lineup for this August, which unfortunately, I will have to miss. I'm leaving California this summer! yaaaaaaaaaaay.