Friday, January 29, 2010

Band of the Week: Woozy Viper

For fans of: King Khan, The Velvet Underground, White Denim, The Doors

There’s a scene in the Oliver Stone film The Doors, just before the band get signed. It’s them playing at a tiny club, and the mostly female crowd are absolutely intoxicated with Jim Morrison’s stage presence. Even though the band was what we would now consider an “indie” band at the time—unknown and unadulterated, the righteousness of the music just poured into the room and enraptured everyone around. There is a certain quality in great unsigned bands, there’s nothing else quite like it. They know how good they are, you know how good they are, and the whole room is just waiting for the rest of the world to catch on.

This is what Woozy Viper’s music sounds like to me. At times, they remind me of The Doors (like on “Love Scented Candles”). Mostly, they just make me damned proud of being an American. Lo-fi music via the Midwest never sounded so good. Luke and Mitch Meseke are brothers who come from Kansas. And all they wanna do-oo is make sweet love to your ears. The music is gritty and repetitive, but in a really appealing way. It’s infantile, but not immature. What I mean is that, especially on songs like “Whoa Baby”, the band manages to draw me back to my own childhood (even though I grew up in a suburb, not on a ranch). It’s nostalgic by default, not definition.

You know how some bands are obviously trying NOT to impress, but those are the ones you end up loving the most. The irony is oh so delicious.

The NYC-based duo is so confident in their inevitable future blow-up success that they’re offering their self titled debut for free online. You should do yourself a favour and get acquainted with their songs now, before everyone claims to have always loved them. You-know-exactly-what-I’m-talking-bout-Willis. When you’re done, you can join me as I anxiously wait on some tour dates.

Woozy Viper – Rent [mp3]
Woozy Viper – Alright [mp3]

download the whole shebang HERE

visit the band on MYSPACE

The Strokes Post #341

Julian Casablancas - Ludlow St (demo) [mp3]
the first track from the Bonus disc of Phrazes for the Young

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Classic Track Thursday

The Smiths - There is a Light That Never Goes Out [mp3]
from The Queen is Dead (1986)

this song captures so much of what I love about The Smiths, in the most astute way possible. it's just a perfect song, one which I cannot listen to only once at a time, and a great place to jumpstart an obsession with Morrissey, Marr and co.

The Smiths' short career produced four perfect LPs, each one of which I love more than the next. The Queen is Dead might be my all time fave, though, because it houses the above posted track, and the single ("The Boy With the Thorn in His Side") which spurred my all time favourite Smiths song as its b-side ("Asleep")

plus, my vinyl copy is greeeeeeeeeeeeen. it's so pretty.

The Strokes Post #340

I love you Andy

but this is hilarious.

it really does bring perspective to how ludicrous things like Lonely Island and FoTC are. but that's why we love them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

video: Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch on Jimmy Kimmel

his voice sounds interesting here. it's deeper. I like it. I just love this song. didn't like the album too much, but the song is amazing.

The Strokes Post #339

Julian was in my dream last night. actually, he was the main attraction of my dream. so, for once, I am thankful that my memory of my dreams are always so vivid. I have now dreamed about Albie and Jules. 2 down, three to go-oh. nice nice nice nice nice oh oh.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free Energy announce DEBUT + TOUR!!

aren't they precious?

the album, Stuck On Nothing will be released via Astralwerks/DFA Records on March 6th. it feels like I've been waiting FOREVER for this release. I've been totally psyched for it just based on a few killer singles that the Philly band has released thus far.

Free Energy Tour Dates (* = with Foreign Born)

02/22: Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
02/23: Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
02/24: San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Shop *
02/25: San Francisco, CA @ Popscene
02/26: Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios *
02/28: Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey *
03/03: Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry *
03/04: Madison, WI @ The Frequency *
03/05: Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle *
03/06: Bloomington, IN @ Video Saloon *
03/08: Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern *
03/09: Toronto, ON @ El Mocambo *
03/10: Buffalo, NY @ Big Orbit’s Soundlab *
03/11: New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge *
03/12: Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory *
03/13: Philadelphia, PA @ Marathon Lounge *
03/14: Washington, DC @ DC9 *

I love the Popscene. it is basically indie dance club awesomeness. their Rickshaw show is part of this year's NOISEPOP.

Free Energy - Dream City (daytrotter) [mp3]

Free Energy - Something in Common (daytrotter) [mp3, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]


CONTEST: win a copy of a sweet cover songs album

for Christmas, I received a bunch of Starbucks giftcards from co-workers who unwittingly thought "hey, she's young, she must like the place".
little did they know of my hatred towards coffee in general and Starbucks in particular.

I considered using the giftcards to buy containers of tea (Starbucks carries TAZO, one of my faves) and I also recalled that Starbucks usually features cool cds of the indie persuasion, being based in Seattle and all. I actually ended up giving the giftcards to my mum, who is a coffee addict.

Sweetheart '10 is Starbucks' third compilation of its kind: it features covers of love songs by indie rock artists. it's mellow and laid back, not at all a flaring of you-know-which-holiday which is just around the corner (even though the compilation's release probably was timed around February for this particular reason).

if you have some Starbucks giftcards burning a hole in your pocket, I would recommend picking this up and playing it loudly as you cook or lie down on your floor in solitude. because, like a lot of great music, this compilation features songs that are best enjoyed in silence and alone. the songs have a certain distant quality about them, like speaking to someone overseas over the telephone. the album had a similar effect on me as Dark Night of the Soul, which is a damn high compliment if I do say so myself. I was particularly excited when I saw that Spoon took part of this project, but my favourite thing on here, by far, is Yo La Tengo doing "You Make Me Feel Good" by The Zombies.

Yo La Tengo - You Make Me Feel Good (Zombies cover) [mp3]

you can buy the album (and the new Spoon album haha) HERE

and here is the tracklisting:

I posted a cover of "Spanish Harlem Incident" by James & Robert Mercer recently, which was courtesy of a reader of mine named Holly who was in on the compilation. she sent 4 giveaway copies my way, so if you'd like to be in the running for one, leave a comment and tell me what your favourite cover or love song is (or both!)

contest winners will be announced in two weeks, on 9th February. good luck!

MAGNET: over/underrated Ryan Adams songs

it looks very different from the list I would have compiled, but it's a great list nonetheless.

as most of you probably know, I am a shameless Ryan Adams addict. (don't believe me? yes, that's right, 2.3 DAYS and running.) I love the photo they chose, it's from the Gold album sleeve artwork. I just love looking at Ryan in that simple room, just a bed, booze, guitar, flag and record player. mmm.

anyhow, here is the list:

Most Overrated:
1. “New York, New York” (2001)

2. “To Be Young (Is To Be Sad Is To Be High)” (2000)

3. “Fix It” (2008)

4. “Desire” (2002)

5. “29″ (2005)

Most Underrated:
1. “Walls” (2001) [mp3]

2. “Ah, Life” (2004)

3. “Cracks In A Photograph” (2002)

4. “Decapitated Chicken” (2006)

5. “Heavy Orange” (2008)

read the full thing over at MAGNET

The Strokes Post #338

BOOTLEG TIME! because, here at Music Induced Euphoria, we are OGs and committed to providing you with the coolest shit. yes, I just used the royal "we".

The Strokes - Live @ Black Cat (Washington D.C.) [17 February 2001] [ZIPPPP]
is that The Strokes playing in your basement? nope, it's just a really killer early boot. drink it up like a milkshake, my minions.

1. Hard to Explain [mp3]
2. Alone Together [mp3]
one word. yum.
3. New York City Cops [mp3]
4. The Modern Age [mp3]
5. Soma [mp3]
oh how I love this one. my ipod is named "Soma" XD
6. Last Nite [mp3]
7. This Life (demo of "Trying Your Luck") [mp3]
8. Barely Legal [mp3]
9. Someday [mp3]
10. Take It Or Leave It [mp3]

Monday, January 25, 2010

Radiohead bust out an epic setlist for charity

source: LA Weekly

I was listening to The Bends on my lunch break today. but holy hot cakes I wish I could have been there last night. this set list is well deserving of the half million dollars they raised. good going, boys.

Faust Arp
Fake Plastic Trees
National Anthem
Karma Police
Kid A
Morning Bell
How To Disappear Completely
Wolf at the Door
The Bends
Body Snatchers
Dollars & Cents
Exit Music (For a Film)

encore #1
Everything In Its Right Place
You and Whose Army?
Pyramid Song
All I Need

encore #2
Lotus Flower <– Thom debuted this at his solo shows
Paranoid Android
Street Spirit

The National announce new album + tour

the untitled fifth baby from the Brooklyn band will see a release in May. yay!

tour dates below:


The National -Brainy (alternate) [mp3]

visit them on MYSPACE

record review: The Soft Pack - s/t

A lot of new music falls into one of two categories:
80’s revival (especially post-punk, think all of those bands influenced by Joy Division and MBV)
surf tinged garage punk

There are very few bands who manage to execute the latter well. It’s too easy for them to sound cheesy, insincere, or some horrid combination of both. Call me biased, but a driving factor behind this is the fact that most of these bands are not very well acquainted with the California sun.

That being said, the San Diego based band The Soft Pack reigns supreme—not only in their signature brand of garage rock, but in the general world of indie music. I have been salivating over this band since the very beginning (when they were known as The Muslims); there is something about them that I just adore. I was scared that this magic might fade over time, but, having heard their first full length album, I am reassured of their purity of sound.

They take tried and true hooks and make them their own. The album is insufferably listenable. Every track is vital. It’s 32 minutes of unbridled hyperactivity packed into delectable bite sized pieces. They sing about preachers on crack (“Pull Out”) and metaphorical oceans (“Tides of Time”) and manage to create exact musical parallels to their lyrics. The self titled debut is a return to basics—no synths, no instrumental tracks—just good, gritty fun doused with Pacific waves.

This is the best album I’ve heard so far in the year and I am sure that I’ll continue loving it well into the months (and years) to come. highly.fucking.recommended.

it will drop in your local indie record shop next TUESDAY (2nd February), please do us both a favour and pick it up. really, this album is A MUST-LISTEN.

The Soft Pack – Answer to Yourself [mp3]
I heard this song for the first time a while ago but I still love it because it really is the perfect microcosm of this album. and it makes me wanna dance.

The Soft Pack will play RICKSHAW STOP on Thursday at 10PM. You better bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be there. they will also play a free instore at Amoeba Berkeley on Wednesday at 6PM, which I wish I could attend but, you know, work sucks.

visit them on MYSPACE

The Strokes Post # 337

Joe Strummer is law... are crime

The Clash - Spanish Bombs [mp3]

this post was just an excuse to flaunt my love for London Calling.

I know I'm going to hell in...

Eureka! I found it!
I've been looking for the right one for ages. I love San Francisco. I love going into thrift shops on a whim. you would never believe what a steal this jacket was. really, go on, guess. I saw it, tried it on, and fell in love with it immediately. then I saw the price tag and started freaking out. BECAUSE IT'S REAL LEATHER, TOO. anyhow, I've realized why I haven't had any good luck with leather jackets's cause I was looking at women's jackets. this is a guy's XS. and I love it.