Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beirut - Untitled

I was listening to Beirut on shuffle today and a song came on from Zach Condon's early project, The Joys of Losing Weight. Mega fans are well aware that all of the songs on the album are untitled, this one happened to strike me as Elliott Smith-esque but also quite like Explosions in the Sky. A quieter Explosions in the Sky. I thought I'd share it.

video: The Strokes - Hard to Explain at Paleo

This might be the greatest song ever written.
I've been binging on Phrazes more than The Strokes lately but when I listen to this song, I remember the early days of becoming obsessed with this band, watching youtube for hours on end and just being filled with so much happiness.
I feel exactly the same way when I watch Strokes videos now. Everything in this stupid world is fleeting but "Hard to Explain" is eternal.

Sunday Morning Covers

this is brilliant: