Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Jakes: a bad We Are Scientists rip off?

I use my weekends to catch up on listening to the stuff I download all week.

I just listened to a track called "Cough Syrup" by The Jakes.

I downloaded the song because a couple of Fridays ago, I was in class and could hear a band perform on Sproul (Cal's equivalent of a high school "quad", if you will). I asked a classmate if they knew who were performing and she replied "a band called The Jakes"

so when I came across them on hype machine, I decided to give 'em a go.

the song sounds like a rip off of "After Hours" by We Are Scientists, with a Jimmy-Eat-World twist. I am not claiming that the band ripped off of WAS, just that the song is like a way-less awesome version of the aforementioned Brain Thrust Mastery single.
Needless to say, I'm not impressed.

Brain Thrust Mastery was released in March of last year, while The Jakes' Shake My Hand was released five months later.

Listen to the tracks and decide for yourself:

The Jakes - Cough Syrup [mp3]

We Are Scientists - After Hours [mp3]

Shake My Hand is available on SMART PUNK

you can get Brain Thrust Mastery on AMAZON

The Strokes Post #30

a very short interview from 2004 in which Jules talks about how they like playing more intimate gigs.

I love how unaware they are of their own greatness. personality-wise, they are like the antithesis of Oasis. even though both bands make incredible music, The Strokes are super down to earth, while the Gallagher brothers probably think they've got Jesus beat.

Saturday Music Definitions: Bitch

Ben Folds - Bitch Went Nuts [mp3]

Jet - Cold Hard Bitch [mp3]
best. Jet. song. ever. (and I don't even like Jet very much)

Stars - Bitches in Tokyo [mp3]

David Bowie - Queen Bitch [mp3]
form Bowie at the Beeb

Elton John - The Bitch is Back [mp3]

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Strokes Post #29

I just now realized that I haven't posted ANYTHING Room on Fire-related yet, mostly stuff on Is This It, because I am a biased crazed fanatic for that genius record

anyhow, as I was searching youtube for a good version of "Under Control", my favourite song off The Strokes' MASTERFUL sophomore album, I realized that the Conan performance wasn't on youtube anymore.

but, thankfully, being an obsessive fan, I had downloaded HUNDREDS of their youtube videos onto my computer a while ago, so was I trying to upload it, but I got this message:

Dear strokesjunkie,

Your video, "The Strokes - Under Control (live on Conan)"
(, may have content that is owned or licensed by NBC Universal.

No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches section of your account ( for more information.

- The YouTube Team

anyhow, I tried uploading it directly here, and blogger wouldn't let me

I used dailymotion instead:


buy Room on Fire on AMAZON
it was my first ever Strokes purchase.

why does Eddie Vedder have to be a douche bag?

he has to ruin my capacity to enjoy his music, which I think is actually really good, by saying things like:

"If Kurt [Cobain, of Nirvana] were around today, I know he'd say to me, 'Well, you turned out OK,'"

according to NME,

"Cobain famously slated Pearl Jam for "Pioneering a corporate, alternative and cock-rock fusion", though the two frontmen did reconcile privately before Cobain's death in 1994."

why would you go around talking about how a dead rock icon would have eventually realized that his first impression of you was wrong?

anyhow, I'm about to post some songs that I've been meaning to post for a while, it's Eddie singing in lieu of Jim Morrison with The Doors.

Eddie Vedder with The Doors - Roadhouse Blues [mp3]

Eddie Vedder with The Doors - Break on Through [mp3]

Eddie Vedder with The Doors - Light My Fire [mp3]

Leonard Cohen adds third show @ Oakland's Paramount (+ Hanan's upcoming concert-going schedule)


when I finally have the money to buy a ticket, it's for the show that's on the same night as Franz Ferdinand. me , I prefer the Scots to the Canadian.

if, for some ung-dly reason, you prefer Cohen to Franz, get your tix HERE

tix are still available for the Franz Ferdinand show, get yours HERE

DAMN MY CONCERT JUNKIE LIFE. I've been concert-less since Noise Pop ended, catching up on writing and kicking ass on midterms. spring break begins next week, which equates to me working full time and honing my various writing projects, but I do have the OK Go show (GAMH on Wednesday) to look forward to, as well as Grand Lake's Thursday Amoeba show. thankfully, OK Go breaks my dry spell, because after that I have a concert a week (or more) until I graduate.


OK Go on 25 March @GAMH
Grand Lake on 26 March @ Amoeba Berkeley (free!)
Gavin Degraw on 31 March @GAMH
Airborne Toxic Event on 8 April @ Slim’s
Franz Ferdinand on 15 April @ Fox Theatre
The Gaslight Anthem 16 April @ Slim’s
The War on Drugs 20 April @ BOTH
The Blacks on 23 April @ Rickshaw Stop
Cold War Kids 28 April @ The Fillmore
Black Lips on 30 April @ GAMH
Damien Jurado 5 May @BOTH
**Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s 16 May @GAMH
Ben Folds 17 May @ Fox Theatre
Winston Audio 19 May @BOTH
Virgins 20 May @GAMH
Kings of Leon 21 May @ Bill Graham Civic

** this is the night of my graduation. I graduate in the afternoon, and was originally planning on just celebrating with friends that night (forgoing the M. Ward show that night too), but I really really like M&tNS&S’s. A lot. So I might end up being anti-social and going to that show instead of having a proper social life. But whatever, I gave up my social life this semester. I have my priorities.

This summer, I’ll probably hit up BFD, in addition to seeing Death Cab for Cutie, Andrew Bird, and Ra Ra Riot at the Greek. oh, and Outside Lands, I'll definitely make it this year.

how about you guys, excited about any upcoming shows?

The Libertines - Music When the Lights Go Out [mp3]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vampire Weekend: television debut for "White Sky"

it's a really good performance, but that's just to be expected. damn good band. they're so well rounded. great record, rockin' live shows. I love them. and we can hope for a fall release for their sophormore album, says Ezra! =)

download the mp3 below:

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (live on Jimmy Fallon) [mp3]

Art Brut to play the Independent in June


for all you lucky bastards old enough to go, it's only 15 bucks, on June 15th.

buy tickets HERE

for more tour dates, click HERE

Grand Lake- new video + DATES

lead singer Caleb Nichols describes the video for Concrete Blonde On Blonde as follows:

"Produced by the band and film maker Joe Golling, Concrete Blonde On Blonde stars a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, and was filmed in one rather beautiful day in and around Oakland and the surrounding hills. The new video is truly a visually poetic compliment to a moody song about driving home."

I, for one, think it's awesome

you can catch the Oakland based band at any of the following shows:

3/26 - Amoeba Music Berkeley, free in-store performance, 6pm
3/27 - Release party, LoBot Gallery Oakland, featuring performances by Starfucker, What's Up, Guidance Counselor, Man/Miracle & Grand Lake. DJ sets by Golden Graham (Rogue Wave), $1 refreshments, video screenings, Confetti, Balloons. $8 admission gets you in, AND a free copy of Nevermint. 9pm.
3/28 - The Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, with Guidance Counselor and Starfucker

their debut drops this Tuesday. pick it up!

Grand Lake - Concrete Blonde on Blonde [mp3]


record review: Peter Doherty - Grace/Wastelands REPOST, SANS MP3S


Don’t let appearances fool you. Pete(r) Doherty is one smart laddie. He can spin lyrics that will make you rethink your condescending image of him shooting up 3 different kinds of drugs at once. He’s always teased us with things like the use of the archaic word “Albion” (an old word for the good ol’ island of Britain), but on Grace/Wastelands, his smarts kick in full blast.

Now I’m not one to follow English tabloids, but I think this album showcases that the guy has finally cleaned himself up. The title of the record conjures images of salvation through the depths of desperation. Maybe Doherty needed to hit rock bottom to produce one of his best albums to date.

Grace/Wastelands is nothing short of brilliant. I haven’t heard such a tightly constructed album in a very long time. It’s gorgeous.

With clever-but-not-too-clever lines like “you could charm the bees knees of the bees” (Last of the English Roses) to his signature cheekiness: “Your boyfriend's name was Dave/But I was bold and brave/And now you're mine” (Little Death Around the Eyes-even the song title is brilliant!), Doherty never fails to please. Standout tracks include the ever so catchy lead single “Last of the English Roses”, the hauntingly beautiful acoustic song “1939 Returning” (treading into unmapped lyrical territory, it tells the tale of a Nazi soldier) and the jazzy piano driven number “Sweet By and By” showcasing some scratchier vocals and Petey’s alter ego as an American performer from the 50’s.

Perhaps the most tragic of the bunch is “Broken Love Song”: if the ominous chord progression weren’t heartbreaking enough, try listening to Doherty sing “they are the loneliest” over and over and over again. Look no further than to Doherty’s adoption of his full name “Peter” for this album as a sign of a new and ever so improved musician; Grace/Wastelands is simultaneously one of the most beautifully reflective and defiantly triumphant records of the year. And there’s no shortage of acoustic-y goodness, either.

It dropped in Australia on the 13th and in the UK today. You can find it in stores next Tuesday. Waste no time. Pre-order it today.

The Strokes Post #28

this is one of the most painful things I've ever seen. if it weren't Russell Brand, I would really be mean to the interviewer. but hello, I love him. he is such a fabulous person whom I am pretty sure is on drugs

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Strokes Post #27

so good.

the damn oxegen festival series. I wish I could have been there.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Strokes Post #26

I am in a damn good mood.
I just got the best email of my life.
Better than when Stanford sent me a rejection email.

Hello Hanan:

This is in response to your inquiry of March 13, 2009.

The title of interest to you "Encyclopedia of pleasure" by Abul Hasan  ĽAli Ibn Nasr al Katib ; edited and annotated by Salah Addin Khawwam ; translated by  ĽAdnan Jarkas and Salah Addin Khawwam ([Toronto : Aleppo Pub., c1977]) is currently on loan to your institution. You may wish to check with the interlibrary loan staff at Berkeley about this title.

Also, it is very helpful when sending a request to include the full title and other bibliographic information within the message.

Best wishes with your research,

Public Service & Collections Access Officer
Collections Access, Loan, & Management Division
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C. 20540-4630


Question History:

Patron: hello, I am a student of English literarure at UC Berkeley and I'm looking for this book:

this book is very very rare, there are only 3 holdings in libraries worldwide. one of them is in library of congress

I've requested it from interlibrary loan and have followed up numerous times, with fruitless results. I need this book for my thesis project and would really appreciate any information about it. Please let me know ASAP


this book has been banned and burned and is super obscure. it is invaluable to my research of the erotic Arabic tradition. I, of course, just read the email as I was sitting in the library (where I live) so I ran up to the interlibrary loan office but they told me they didn't receive it yet. whatever, IT'S ON THE WAY TO ME RIGHT NOW!

I am so excited.

I am an academic fiend and it's hard to explain.

The Strokes - Hard to Explain [mp3]

Selma Blair and Rainn Wilson: Baby It's Cold Outside

holy goodness gracious.

I was excited when I saw the following ad on my way back home from seeing Little Joy at Slim's last year:

because I absolutely ADORE Rainn Wilson.

but, I just randomly came across this, and it is so MUCH BETTER:

that is my favourite Christmas song EVER. Rainn is singing the girl's part, Selma the man's. I looove it! now, excuse me while I buy a Gap sweater, because that commerical was just too good.

and, here are a couple more for the ladies:

Leon Redbon & Zooey Deschanel - Baby It's Cold Outside [mp3]

Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting - Baby It's Cold Outside [mp3]

Ray Charles & Betty Carter - Baby It's Cold Outside [mp3]

The Drifters- I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas [mp3]
this is my second favourite Christmas song. for a person who's never had a Christmas tree, I sure do love the holiday

Monday, March 16, 2009

Death Cab for Cutie to play Greek Theatre with Andrew Bird and Ra Ra Riot

I just got shivers.
damn. good. lineup.

a new EP is in the works.

The Open Door is scheduled to be released online via all digital retailers on March 31st , and physical CDs will be available at venues starting at the April 7th Philadelphia show. The EP will be available in retail stores on April 14th.


1. "Little Bribes"
2. "A Diamond And A Tether"
3. "My Mirror Speaks"
4. "I Was Once A Loyal Lover"
5. "Talking Bird (Demo)"

new shows added:
Sunday, July 5th @ Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl
w/ Tegan & Sara, The New Pornographers
Fan club tickets on sale April 16th | General tickets on sale May 2nd

Saturday, July 11th @ Berkeley, CA - Greek Theatre
w/ Andrew Bird, Ra Ra Riot
Fan club tickets on sale March 18th | General tickets on sale March 22nd

Tuesday, July 14th @ Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
w/ Andrew Bird, Ra Ra Riot
Fan club tickets on sale March 18th | General tickets on sale March 20th

Thursday, July 16th @ Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
w/ The New Pornographers, Ra Ra Riot
Fan club tickets on sale March 25th | General tickets on sale March 27th

Friday, July 17th @ Troutdale, OR - Edgefield Amphitheater
w/ The New Pornographers, Ra Ra Riot
Fan club tickets on sale March 18th | General tickets on sale March 21st

Saturday, July 18th @ Redmond, WA - Marymoor Park
w/ The New Pornographers, Ra Ra Riot
Fan club tickets on sale March 25th | General tickets on sale March 28th

Death Cab for Cutie - What Sarah Said [mp3]



VOXTROT ARE BACK! (+new song!)

one of my favourite bands ever, Austin-based Voxtrot, have finally resurfaced on the internet!

they've been on hiatus for forever and a day.

Ramesh writes:

Dear World,

Things have been rather quiet round the Voxtrot camp these last two
years. Nonetheless, we are thrilled to be reentering the musical minds
of you and your loved ones. During the week of the South By Southwest
Music Festival, we will be performing two concerts. These will coincide
with the premier of a new song, which was produced, recorded and mixed by Jim Eno [Spoon] at his studio in Austin.

Regarding our absence, sometimes one needs to disappear in order to
regroup; situations change and human beings are swept here and there
by the marvelous ebb and flow of culture.

And so, there can be only this: a return to a love of music.



I've listened to the song, it's not their best; it sounds like a mix between jumping on the electronica bandwagon musical fad of the year and that song that the Oompa Loompas sing about Violet in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory

regardless, Voxtrot are back in action and that is all that matters. they'll be at SXSW this year.

Voxtrot - Trepnation Party (new song!) [mp3]
available to download for free on their WEBSITE, I'm just making your life easier


The Strokes Post #25

I love this interview. Nick and Nikolai talk about how it all comes down to the most important thing in the world: MAKING GOOD MUSIC.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Peter Doherty - The Last of The English Roses

I am addicted to this song:

the above acoustic version is spectacular. Doherty has so much talent, it makes me want to cry sometimes.

"My you did look dapper in your mother's old green scarf"

ol' Petey figured out my lyrical Achilles' Heel: the use of the fabulous word "dapper" is guaranteed to please.

expect a review of his very first solo record very very soon.

The Strokes Post #24

the live renditions of this song never cease to amaze me. greatness embodied in a 3:45 time slot. do yourself a favour and click the little play thing. you won't be disappointed, I promise.

Sunday Morning Covers

I was about to begin this post by apologizing for its lateness, but then I decided, hey, I'm not the type of person who's ever on time anyways. and this post has been late in the past. so yeah, in the words of Bloch from Swann's Way,

"I never allow myself to be influenced by the smallest degree either by atmospheric disturbances or by the arbitrary divisions of what is known as time."

so, here you go, in all of their late glory:

Okkervil River - Some Weird Sin (Iggy Pop cover)[mp3]

well done, sirs

Delta Spirit - I'm Waiting (Bill Bush cover)[mp3, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

why do these guys have to be so amazing? this cover is as good as anything on Ode to Sunshine. if you guys haven't started listening to Delta Spirit yet, I have failed you as a blogger. they are INCREDIBLE. visit their MYSPACE and start listening!

British Sea Power - A Forest (The Cure cover) [mp3]
these guys managed to stay under the radar last year. I really quite liked their latest record, Do You like Rock Music? (yes, I believe I do)

of Montreal - Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up (Love is All cover) [mp3]

I still haven't gotten around to listening to Love is All. this cover makes me want to do so, immediately.

The Vines - I'm Only Sleeping (The Beatles cover) [mp3]
flawless. they make it sound like their own song.

Ryan Adams - Expressway to Yr Skull (Sonic Youth cover) [mp3]

just got this one. awesome.

The Beatles - A Taste of Honey (Bobby Scott cover) [mp3]
from Please Please Me (1963), The Beatles' very first release.


at around 3 in the morning today, I was freaking out because I kept getting this "tickets are no longer available, this show is completely sold out" message as I was trying to buy a ticket to see The Virgins. I was in a state of shock, not bothering to look up a couple of millimeters to see the "tickets go on sale Sunday 15 March @ 10AM" sign. anyhow, sigh of relief, ticket is purchased and now I can worry about more important things. like how awesome my desktop background is =)

The Virgins are killer in concert! buy your tickets before they really sell out, because Craigslist scalpers are NO FUN.

The Virgins - Love is Colder than Death (daytrotter) [mp3]

The Virgins' Daytrotter session is one of the strangest I've ever heard. they sound strangely out of place and perfect.

I love The Virgins.

visit them on MYSPACE

buy their shit on AMAZON

Muse album in its final stages?

this is REALLY great news.

their drummer writes:

Yes yes, I know its been about six years since I last posted but you know, time flies when you're having fun. Look, I've been busy alright..! Ok, I have no excuse.. Just slack.
We have been working pretty hard though on the album and its actually now starting to take shape. Matt is doing vocals on some tracks as we speak which normally means they're nearly finished. We've probably got two more to record from scratch then we might be almost looking at a complete album. Then strings, synth sparkles, llamas toenails, gongs and anything else we can think of that will help us perceive they are finished. The hardest bit is finishing.
It sounds fucking great though..
Im very looking forward to getting out there and playing this live. Im pretty sure we'll be out playing shortly after the summer. Plans are coming together..

See you soon,


thanks to Jackie for the head's up!

Muse - Starlight (abbey road session) [mp3]

Muse - Map of Problematique (abbey road session) [mp3]