Saturday, September 27, 2008

clips of the Treasure Island Festival available on

watch them HERE

the last video, of Vampire Weekend, is adorable. Ezra looks all intimidated...
I saw them at Rickshaw Stop, a really cool small venue in the city. They connected with the audience really well, everyone was dancing and having a great time. I don't know if they have the makings of big, fetsival/arena size gigs. Once again, I'll reiterate that drummer Chris Tomson is the friendliest musician that I have ever encountered. He rocks.

Vampire Weekend - I Stand Corrected (daytrotter session) [mp3 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]

Saturday Music Definitions: Alone

I am a VERY social person, but I do enjoy solitude as much as the next neo-transcendentalist. Sometimes, music is the only company that I need.

Kings of Leon - Happy Alone [mp3]

The Strokes - Alone, Together [mp3]

Neutral Milk Hotel - Leave Me Alone (live 1997) [mp3]

Nick OWNS YOU. really, watch 2:40-3:15 and try not to get chills. I DARE YOU.

oh, and I'll have all of you people note that from now on, I will be removing mp3s after TWO WEEKS of posting them. I'm really too broke to be sued by anyone, and two weeks seems to be the acceptable time period for posting mp3s for "sampling purposes".

Friday, September 26, 2008

new Coldplay promo video: Lost

This is the highlight of Viva La Vida. The keyboards in this song give me chills. I actually really like that record, but critics and fans blew it way out of proportion. Coldplay will never be as good as they were on Parachutes. Simple, raw (but not in an unrefined way, in a soulful, honest, stripped down way) and perfect.

Coldplay - Sparks [mp3]


I've actually known this since two nights ago, when I was reading Guardian on the train home from the Spoon concert, but here's an official post. I will catch these sexy beasts at the Warfield on October 21st, buy tickets HERE for that show on Sunday morning.I've already forgiven them for "Human", because I've been waiting for them to tour for AGES, especially since I heard of the new record in the works. "Neon Tiger" and "Spaceman" are actually really fantastic, so I'm not doubting a kick ass third record. Listen to them HERE

They only have a handful of tour dates thus far (see below) but they will most probably tour after their new record is released. Day and Age hits the shelves November 24th.

Oct 20 2008 8:00P
House of Blues Las Vegas, Nevada

Oct 21 2008 8:00P
Warfield Theater San Francisco, California

Oct 24 2008 8:00P
Hammerstein Ballroom New York, New York

Nov 3 2008 8:00P
Royal Albert Hall London, London and South East

now, enjoy my favourite Killers song of all time:

The Killers - Under the Gun (original B-Side version, NOT Sawdust version) [mp3]

band of the week: Justin Nozuka

yay, I'm back to exposing you lovely readers to obscure bands and artists! I was listening to this VERY TALENTED Canadian singer/songwriter of American and Japanese descent while hanging out with a friend last night/this morning. She adores him, and now I do too.

He has one record so far, entitled Holly. Buy it HERE.

sounds like: a FANTASTIC combination of Jason Mraz and Ray Lamontagne with a hint of Gavin Degraw. I wonder what people will label him as, but I'm sticking to simply and wonderfully soulful.

Justin Nozuka - After Tonight [mp3]

check out his MYSPACE for tour dates. I would totally go and see him, but he's playing the same night as THE KILERS! sorry, dear, crappy new single or not, The Killers still rock my socks.

concert review: Spoon at Fillmore 24 September

I've had a crazy couple of days, so here's the review finally.

You know those concerts that inspire you, to write, to pick up that instrument, to live life better?

That was the case on Wednesday night, when Spoon played their third and final night at the Fillmore in San Francisco

Oakland's very own Heavenly States opened with a decent set, I actually liked their recorded songs a bit better. They have a lot of talent, but they need to harness their live energy sound. The lead singer sounded like a Conor Oberst NOT on the verge of sobbing, which was quite lovely. He connected with the audience with jokes that he had allegedly written on his set list. The bass player had more action going on when he played tambourine than with his actual bass. The highlight was probably a tie between the keyboardist/violinist and their cool cover of the Derek and the Dominos song "Bellbottoms", where the band got to showcase their musical talent which was a little lacking in their songwriting. (2.5/5 stars)

As for Spoon, they blew my fucking mind away. I never fully appreciated Spoon before Wednesday night, and now I am determined to listen to all of their songs, all the time. The best thing about the show was the fact that they reinvented their songs for the live show, so it was a very different (but equally good) experience than listening to the record. I appreciated that they played a lot off of their latest Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, which is my favourite Spoon record. I loved Rob's twist on the bass in "Don't Make Me A Target" (the bass throughout the show was orgasmic) and Eric the keyboardist was on fire all night. Britt kept falling to his knees during his solos, and Jim was grinning through the entire show, not usually the facial expression that you find on a drummer. They had such great chemistry with each other and with the horn section, a truly rare find nowadays. The show was quite a treat for fans, the band connected with the audience, and the set list was actually compiled by a Spoon-lover named Ahmad, who had given them a list of his favourite Spoon songs the night before. The band played two encores, including a new song called "Who Backs Your Money".
If Spoon comes to your neck of the woods, CHECK THEM OUT. They are spectacular performers, and it will be the highlight of your month. I'm inspired: I've already started living better and I've written a lot since the concert (they inspired me to finish a paper of Alexander Pope!), but most importantly, I'm gonna get behind the piano again. Thank you, Spoon, for being so passionate and so flipping brilliant.(4.5/5)

for some reason, my computer will not read my SD card. I will post pictures soon.

Spoon - Don't You Evah [mp3]

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ottoman - a new Vampire Weekend track...

...that rocks as much as the new Killers song sucks. (translation: A LOT.)

tis playing on repeat. me thinks you should give it a listen. NOW.

Vampire Weekend - Ottoman [mp3 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]

it's off the soundtrack for that new movie, Nick and Norah's infinite playlist.

record review: Kings of Leon - Because of the Times

I am such a fucking pothead. This morning, I look at my notebook of record reviews and realize (or think so at least) that I already wrote a review for the new K o L record. After I typed it out, I realize that that is THE THIRD RECORD, NOT THE NEWEST ONE. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm an insomniac who does drugs. Not a good combo, nope, not at all. Oh well, I don't feel like reviewing Only By The Night right now (I probably will later in the week), this review is pretty accurate though. Anyhow, I don't expect you to read my review of their year old record, but I typed it so I sure as hell am posting it.


Garage rock is known for its Clash-like aspects, most notably for short, fast rock anthems that piss adults off. The Kings of Leon's third effort opens with a seven minute track, but remarkably, you fail to realize how long it is because, like the songs of Zeppelin, it proves to be epic, not overstretched. Entitled "Knocked up", it tells the tale of a man's confrontation with his pregnant girlfriend and his determination to do the thing properly. The Kings of Leon follow his example and soar with their third record.

The Kings soon jump back into the band we know and love, like the powerful bass line and louder-than-thou guitars in "On Call".

Caleb's screeching vocals in "Black Thumbnail" remind listeners of the Georgia band's southern roots, but that is most definitely not a bad thing.

The lyrics overflow with a sense of rejection, of incompetence. "Girl, you're wanted like a wanted man," Caleb sings. He tells us that he's been rejected by a girl with a "smart mouth and a killer hand". All but three of the thirteen songs have the word (and theme) "she" in them. The exceptions can be summed up: "And I want to say here's to me to go and change the world". Lucky for us, the Kings have already done so.

All in all, while this is definitely not a conventional love letter album, it's 51 minutes of tasty bass parts and hooks like nobody's business. 3.5/5 stars

And now, I present my favourite track:

Kings of Leon - Ragoo [mp3]

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Morning Covers

the following covers are really fucking good, if I do say so myself

Eddie Vedder - Christian Brothers (Elliott Smith cover) [mp3]
Elliott's song brings about a softer quality in Eddie that I've never heard before.

Rufus Wainwright - The Origin of Love (Hedwig and the Angry Inch cover) [mp3]
once again, I will stick to my claim that Rufus does brilliant covers, sucks at his own work

and, best of all:
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - D.A.N.C.E (Justice cover) [mp3 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!]
this has been on repeat all morning. I really adore this song, and all you Justice fans, don't hate me when I say that I think it's a bit better than the original. Don't get me wrong, I love Justice as much as any other hormonal college party animal, but GCWCF just makes the song so much tastier.

ah! I almost forgot this gem:

Jason Mraz - Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover) [mp3 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!]
who ever thought a MJ cover would be sexier than the original? Mr Mraz, you never cease to amaze me.

Cold War Kids on Jimmy Kimmel

a very very cool performance of a song bursting with energy!

apparently, the post I wrote about the leaked Loyalty to Loyalty was deleted off of my blog, that's kind of freaky. oh well, I'll post again on Tuesday.