Friday, January 15, 2010

Band of the Week: Them Crooked Vultures

I am not feeling particularly creative tonight so I put my itunes on shuffle and "Elephants" came on. I figure some of you guys have yet to get into this excellent supergroup. here's a word to the wise: do.

here's a link to what I wrote about the album when it first came out. still sounds as fresh as it did that day.

now you'll have to excuse me... I'm gonna go partake in some illicit consumption.

Them Crooked Vultures - Elephants [mp3]

The Strokes Post #327

there is a very (feel) good article on the AV Club right now called "Hard to Explain: In Defense of The Strokes". the AV Club is an offshoot of The Onion.


haha oh Jules.

Classic Track Thursday

belated, I'm sorry! fuck my memory.

anyhow, this post is in honour of the most exciting thing about my job so far,
the Spring program for my class consists entirely of....

I hated having to teach them Mary Poppins shit so so much. I've been teaching them the following track this week. it makes me so happy. I should rewatch that movie...

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine [mp3]

Thursday, January 14, 2010

first ever Casper Bangs video: "Skylark"

watch it below:

Casper Bangs is the shit. really, can't get enough of them.

SPIN interviews MGMT's frontman

Andrew V. spills about drugs, Lady Gaga, and an instrumental track on the new album (which is done!)

colour me all sorts of excited.

MGMT - Closer (NIN cover) [mp3]

Phoenix on "The Interface"


The Strokes Post #326

RIP Jay.

he was 29. everything feels kind of numb right now.

Jay Reatard - It Aint Gonna Save Me [mp3]

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Strokes Post #325

I have e-harmony to thank for this video.

if Julian were Southern.

et deux.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

no words.

this is better than anything in this book, and that's saying something. I heart that book a lot.

I stole the picture from everybody cares, everybody understands, but I'm sure they'll understand. it's all in good spirits.

RIP Elliott, you beautiful boy.

The Strokes Post #324


as the video went on, my initial thought (upon seeing him write on a whiteboard) of "HOLY SHIT I wish Julian was my professor. I could listen to him lecture and twirl mics all day long" only increased.

anddddddd this lovely NME article (source can be found in the NY mag article) also made my day:

"It's night and day now," he said. "Everyone is working as a group, 'Let's do it! Go team!'. Which is amazing. Which is what I wanted since day one. But that's only happening now. Literally now."


nothing can keep the boys apart.


I love this, especially cause the radio guys are American and don't mistake the Jets as a baseball team.
he looks so happy =)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Strokes Post #323

if it was humanly possible for this song to get sexier, it has.

Julian C - 30 Minute Boyfriend (demo) [mp3]
(song 2/8 of the Phrazes bonus disc. wait patiently, and you shall receive.)

oh the joys of unbridled early session versions.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Soft Pack want to hang out with YOU

from their website:

"Hey there – So, we have a record coming out February 2nd and to celebrate we want to throw a show at YOUR house. We’re not out to thrash your place or anything – we’d come, play, hang out and have a couple of beers. All your friends plus a few of ours = guaranteed good times. If you’re interested, just respond to in 50 words or less and let us know why we should play your house! Ideally, your house will be in the Los Angeles area, anywhere between Long Beach to Downtown LA to Santa Monica."

The Soft Pack - Fences (Phoenix cover) [mp3]

I've been listening to the debut non-stop the last couple of days, expect a review a few days before the February 2nd release date.

record review: Vampire Weekend - Contra

Vampire Weekend have so many surprises under their sleeve. In early 2008, they stunned the world with a delectable and perfect debut record filled with Paul Simon loving Afro pop, with the delightful string section here and there. Last year, we sampled a few songs from their much anticipated sophomore release, and everything looked right on par. The new songs were sharp and innovative, and the whole world let in a big breath of relief. Well, Contra is here, so prepare to be wowed by Vampire Weekend once more.

So many bands fail to live up to the expectations following a successful debut album, mostly because of time restraints. They have all of the time in the world before releasing a debut, but only about a year to come up with a second one, and that usually overlaps with the oft exhausting debut tour. But, listening to Ezra’s smooth vocals and the band’s seamless backing instrumentals, it’s hard to believe that they were under any stress at all. Take “Holiday”, for example. It builds their signature clever lyrics over fuzzy percussion and douses them with the fun loving guitars we got addicted to in “A-Punk”.

The best thing about Contra is that it is audibly a post Discovery record. The delicate percussion and almost defiantly lullaby-esque tones on the album flirt with disaster, but come up safely at the other end. You can hear Rostam’s innovative songwriting contributions which derive from his collaboration with a mostly string based band (Ra Ra Riot). On Contra, it’s more subtle and palatable than on LP by Discovery.

Contra is a whisper, a dream, a meadow of bubbles. Its ten songs are soft and warm and full and will satisfy you on every level imaginable. It is the perfect aural manifestation on the lyrics found on "Diplomat's Son": "I could sleep whereever I lay my head...last night I smoked a joint with my best friend, when I woke up, he was gone". It is a slightly confused, but thoroughly enjoyably mellow record.

It has the occasional jolt of energy (“Cousins”), but mostly stands as an ode to the middle ground between shoe gaze and indie pop. And once again (just like with their debut), if you hate this album, you're just lying to yourself.

It’s an extremely well made record, and has earned a huge stamp of approval from me. Especially "Giving Up the Gun". hot damn that song is good.


Contra officially drops tomorrow in the UK and Tuesday in the States, so make sure you pick it up!

how spectacular.

say goodbye to your "I have never seen Jules play guitar" virginity.

book review: Kill Your Friends

Kill Your Friends by John Niven is an irresistibly subversive novel which follows the nearly thirty and completely psychotic Steven Stelfox through his lonely, coke-addled days as a major label A & R exec. The title is a tad misleading, as the egotistical protagonist isn’t human enough to warrant any normal relationships—but he is so self-involved that he is completely unaware of his unnatural solitary lifestyle, or the repercussions thereof.

He rather spends all of his time and money over-indulging in prostitutes and high end clubs. When he speaks about music, it is in a deprecating manner, and he lumps every kind of artist into one group. He claims time and time again that everyone, down to the smallest indie group, is only in it for the money.

This book is like a twentieth century reinvention of American Psycho in a British record label suit. Steven will have you laughing against your better judgment at his cynical observations, and worse yet, at his maniacal boldness. He goes to every length imaginable to protect his own lifestyle. He is a nasty, horrible excuse for a human being: a sex-addict murderer unaware of his own lunacy. He will offend you time and time again, but you will not be able to put the book down. Steven will easily become one of the most unforgettable literary characters you have ever encountered.

This is the ultimate satire, and a must read for any music lover, not in spite of, but because of Steven’s many ludicrous claims about music and art. Look at it this way: you’ll only walk away a stronger, more resilient music lover if you can look past Steven calling “Paranoid Android” an awful song. And if you can’t, well, I can’t say I blame you.


the book was released in 2008, and you can buy it on AMAZON

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer [mp3]

Vinyl Collective CLEARANCE SALE

there's a 40% off sale happening at Vinyl Collective right now, and it ends tomorrow.
sadly, all of the titles which I wanted are already sold out. maybe you'll find something you'll like, though. happy shopping.

(thanks to YANP for the tip)

Sunday Morning Covers

zipity zip file

The Gaslight Anthem - I Do Not Hook Up (Kelly Clarkson) [mp3]

Local Natives -Warning Sign (Talking Heads cover) [mp3]

The National - Clampdown (The Clash cover) [mp3]

get cape.wear - D.A.N.C.E. (Justice Cover) [mp3]

The Botticellis - Here I Go Again (Whitesnake cover) [mp3]

Dashboard Confessional - El Scorcho (Weezer cover) [mp3]

Patti Smith - So You Want To Be (A Rock 'N' Roll Star) (The Byrds cover) [mp3]

M. Ward - Sadie (Joanna Newsom cover) [mp3]

Elliott Smith - Lost Highway (Hank Williams Sr. cover) [mp3]

Beck - I'll Be Your Mirror (Velvet Underground cover) [mp3]

Kaiser Chiefs - Flowers In the Rain (The Move Cover) [mp3]

The Strokes Post #322

video concert time!

The Strokes. Germany. 2002.

the whole gig is up on my page.