Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Strokes Post #154

hahahahhahah! love this part.

Saturday Music Definitions: Tom

yesterday, I finally watched 500 Days of Summer. I've been anticipating its release for months, but it nevertheless took me a week to get myself to the movie theatre. I went with my best friend, and we spent the rest of the night bashing shitty ex-boyfriends and talking about how Talia Shire singlehandedly ruined the third G-dfather film with her atrocious acting.

two things really struck me about the movie.

1. you know those perfect music moments in your favourite films, the ones that give you shivers? the ending of Fight Club with Pixies, or the opening of Eternal Sunshine with Beck? the entire damn film was like that. Mychael Danna scored the film, and he did a brilliant job, just like he did with Little Miss Sunshine.

2. the reality vs expectations scene. that hit me like a ton of bricks.

the film was funny and original and simply lovely. I'd highly recommend it.

anyhow, this post is dedicated to Joseph Gorden-Levitt's character, Tom.

even though my history with relationships is a lot more aligned with Zooey Deschanel's Summer (aka I avoid them like the plague), I sympathized with Tom a lot more.

if I ever met my musical soulmate only to have them leave me, I would go insane.

Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (live, No Direction Home, 1966) [mp3]

Sonic Youth - Tom Violence (live, Hollywood, 1990) [mp3]

Shinobu - Dear Thomas Merton (This Man is an Island) [mp3, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]

this was my favourite song off Herostratus vs Time, an album from a local indie band that I was obsessed with in high school. the misery pretty much encapsulates Tom precisely.

The Who - Sparks [mp3]
from Tommy, and Almost Famous ; )

The Clash - Tommy Gun (live, Memorial Colosium 1982) [mp3]



Friday, July 24, 2009

You used to listen to my music, I always wondered why

this is currently my favourite song:

Band of the Week: Mister Loveless

for fans of: Joy Division

hailing from California's very own East Bay, Mister Loveless are bringing back post-punk gloom like Interpol and Editors did before them. with lyrics contemplating youth and age, their lead singer comes off as wise as a non-senile old person, with an addictively scratchy voice to match. having recently replaced their drummer, the band is still honing their sound; but rest assured, they are heading in the right direction.

current lineup:
Rob Miller - Vocals/Guitars
Sean Gaffney - Guitars/Backup Vocals
Charlie Koliha - Bass Guitar
Nick Clark - Drums

their Two Words EP is an interesting change of pace from other indie bands that rely too heavily on "soaring harmonies" or "melodic bliss". that transcendent shit doesn't fair well with me. I like rock music, pure and simple. the band's "Good Story" has been humming in my head all week. I think it's their best track, so listen below:

Mister Loveless - Good Story [mp3]

visit the band on MYSPACE for dates and other stuff

The Strokes Post #153

I know, I know. I've posted it about a dozen times already but IT JUST NEVER GETS OLD! by far their best live song, and most definitely the best performance thereof.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Clash's drummer discusses "Rock the Casbah"

via Rolling Stone:

Topper has no memory of his original lyrics, though former Clash co-manager Kosmo Vinyl told us it was a filthy ode to Headon’s girlfriend. "He had really pornographic lyrics for it if I remember correctly," Vinyl says. "Very, very pornographic lyrics."

Strummer decided to take the song in a different direction. His inspiration came from the Clash’s other manager, Bernie Rhodes, who asked the band, "Does everything have to be as long as a raga?" after a particularly long take of the track "Sean Flynn."

"I got back to the hotel that night and wrote on a typewriter, 'The King told the boogie men You gotta get that raga drop,' " Strummer said shortly before he died in 2002. "I looked at it and for some reason I started to think about what someone had told me earlier, that you get lashed for owning a disco album in Iran."

you can even stream audio of Topper playing the different parts of the song on a piano, which is pretty cool.

The Clash - Rock the Casbah (live, Shea Stadium) [mp3]

The Strokes Post #152

having just read Spin's not-so-good review of the Monkeys' forthcoming Humbug (they call it predictable and unfocused, and end with the sentiment that it's best to wait for their fourth "return to form" album), I am not convinced. Alex Turner and co will always be brilliant in my book. plus, I really like the new single.

so this post is a tribute to Arctic Monkeys' tribute to The Strokes. long live my favourite bands.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ryan Adams at Austin City Limits

I've recently stumbled upon a gem in my unheard music folder: Ryan Adams' entire set from Austin City Limits in 2002. oh, to be young. just thought I'd share.

1. Intro [mp3]
2. Nuclear [mp3]
3. Firecracker [mp3]
4. Answering Bell/Wharf Rat [mp3]
5. Touch, Feel & Lose [mp3]
6. La Cienga Just Smiled [mp3]
7. To Be Young [mp3]
8. Shakedown on 9th St [mp3]
9. New York, New York [mp3]
10. Brown Sugar [mp3]
11. Nobody Girl [mp3]

Ryan Adams - Live at Austin City Limits (2002) [zip]

this is hilarious.

Pulp - I Want You

this song is amazing.

new video: Black Lips - Drugs

what a great interpretation of one of my favourites off 200 Million Thousand.

The Strokes Post #151

he talks about "Ask Me Anything" among other things.

no words...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Magnet names the most over/under-rated Velvet Underground tracks

one of the greatest bands ever gets the treatment from Magnet. the verdict?

most overrated:
1. I'm Waiting for the Man
2. I'll Be Your Mirror
3. Sister Ray
4. Pale Blue Eyes
5. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

most underrated:
1. The Black Angel's Death Song
2. Lady Godiva's Operation
3. The Murder Mystery
4. New Age
5. Hey Mr. Rain

read the entire article HERE. I love what they have to say about "Lady Godiva's Operation". and "The Black Angel's Death Song" is one of my favourite songs, ever.

The Velvet Underground - The Black Angel's Death Song [mp3]

David Garrett- violinist extraordinaire

this is spectacular:

he also covered MJ's "Smooth Criminal". watch out, Alien Ant Farm.

The Strokes Post #150

Live at T In The Park Festival, Scotland, July 2006

1. Juicebox
[mp3] [video]
2. Hard to Explain [mp3] [video]
3. Last Nite [mp3] [video]
4. You Only Live Once
the available [video] of this song seems to be distorted, sorry.
5. Someday [mp3] [video]
6. Take It Or Leave It [mp3] [video]
7. 12:51 [mp3] [video]
8. Vision of Division [mp3] [video]
the last song of the set, which made me realize early on in my Strokes-journey that this band is the greatest fucking thing on earth.


Liam Finn to release "mini-album"

Champagne in Seashells
will contain six songs and will be released on Septermber 21

track listing:

Plane Crash
Long Way to Go
Won't Change My Mind
Honest Face
On Your Side
Captain Cat is Crying

via NME

Liam Finn - I Will Explode (bonus track from I'll Be Lightning) [mp3]

Monday, July 20, 2009

tour + mp3s: Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Brakesbrakesbrakes

a few days ago, I posted about the upcoming Frightened Rabbit tour, but I recently received a press release reminder, with mp3s, for the tour. I thought you guys might enjoy the following songs, see tour dates below:

from forthcoming album Forget the Night Ahead

9/12    Morrison CO     Monolith Festival @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Frightened Rabbit)
9/13    Morrison CO     Monolith Festival @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre (The Twilight Sad + We Were Promised Jetpacks)
9/14    Salt Lake City UT       Urban Lounge
9/15    Boise ID        Neurolux
9/16    Seattle WA      Neumo's
9/17    Portland OR     Dante's
9/18    San Francisco CA        The Independent
9/20    Los Angeles CA  Knitting Factory
9/22    Tucson AZ       Plush
9/24    Austin TX       The Mohawk
9/25    Baton Rouge LA  Spanish Moon
9/26    Birmingham AL   Bottletree
9/27    Atlanta GA      The Masquerade
9/28    Tallahassee FL  Club Downunder
9/29    Orlando FL      The Social

10/1    Chapel Hill NC  Local 506
10/3    Philadelphia PA North Star
10/5    Washington DC   Black Cat Backstage
10/6    New York NY     Bowery Ballroom
10/7    Allston MA      Great Scott
10/9    Montreal QC     La Sala Rossa
10/10   Toronto ON      El Mocambo
10/11   Ann Arbor MI    Blind Pig
10/12   Chicago IL      Empty Bottle

The Strokes Post #149

"It's not like we're posh kids who drove fancy cars or anything. You've got to have money to live in Manhattan, but we all still hung out on the street and drank 40s."
-Julian Casablancas

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Strokes have hit the studio!

according to a news headline on their official website, the Strokes are back in studio! the caption states that the album should be released "EARLY NEXT YEAR" and promises updates. I was hoping for a November release but I wouldn't mind all that much to wait a couple of extra months (especially with Jules' forthcoming solo album and tour to look forward to)

they "officially" began working on the album on March 27th, after initially meeting on February 11th to brainstorm. I think the most recent update means that they've begun recording.

The Strokes - This Life ("Trying Your Luck" demo) [mp3]

Free Energy: debut 7"

I've seen things about this band all over the internet lately, and I finally listened to them last night. The verdict? This is one of the best bands to emerge this year. And I base that claim on my taste of two songs. 

The Philadelphia based band, which emerged from now-defunct Hockey Night, have been signed to James Murphey (LCD Soundsystem)'s label DFA Records. 

Their music is happy in the way that those of us who wish we were hippies can appreciate. It is carefree and fabulous. And damn catchy at that. 

They are releasing a limited 350 copies of their debut 7" on Tuesday, for their eponymous song "Free Energy". 

"We are young and still alive", their lead singer declares. Honestly, it's reassuring to know that there are bands retaliating against the depressing, monotone shit that hipsters are listening to.

visit the band on MYSPACE, where you can hear a reworking of the Hockey Night song "Dark Trance"

Sunday Morning Covers


John Mayer - Free Fallin' (Tom Petty Cover) [mp3]

both of these songs are from his 2008 live album, Live in Los Angeles. I really quite like it, Mr. Mayer is an impressive guitarist on his own merit and does good covers too.

ah, this brings back memories...of two years ago haha

I cannot stand the original song but this is really fucking cool. he has a cello and everything.

Fuzzbox is just great.

a gem that recently surfaced the internet.

the latest installment in the musical recreation project. my favourite so far has been its predecessor, "Venus in Furs" but this one is pretty amazing. it's jangly and surprisingly kid-friendly, methinks.

The Strokes Post #148

Guided By Voices - Glad Girls (live, ft. Julian Casablancas) [mp3]
Julian lends his beautiful pipes to this song. the band really loves GBV, who show up in their video for "Someday"