Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jules is back.

I am in a FANTASTIC mood. The final that I was really worried about turned out ok because I studied everything that was on the exam. it was amazing. like every passage on the IDs I specifically reviewed...anyhow, I have 2 more to go and I'm not too worried about those.

and, of course, because this is a MUSIC blog,
THE STROKES' JULIAN CASABLANCAS, Santogold and Pharrell are collaborating on a new song for Converse. MY DEAR LORD. Julian's voice floors me. updates will come soon.

The Strokes - New York City Cops [mp3]

damn good song.

in other news, Ben Gibbard makes me laugh. He said: “The second Postal Service album is threatening to become the Chinese Democracy of indie rock. It will come out eventually, or maybe it won’t.”
clever boy.

oh and The Decemberists are playing an Obama benefit gig in NY tomorrow afternoon. more power to them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

let there be love. and music. and no more finals.

I am dying here. I don't feel like studying but I have a massive exam tomorrow. may the g-ds help me.

I have had this on repeat forever. it calms me down and helps me focus. I love Liam's voice but Noel's is a nice variation... tis my favourite Oasis song:

Oasis - Let there be love [mp3]

in other news, Michael Jackson's "thriller" was induced into the library of congress as a “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” addition to the history of American music.
good song.

I am very pissed off, because this very cool festival: the new American music festival
is on my birthday, but in Pennsylvania. LAME. such a fantastic lineup.

ok that's all for now, I should start studying.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Panic Video

Panic at the disco's new video for That Green Gentleman (things have changed) can be seen below
such a good song. cute video.

I posted enough mp3s from Panic's new record here

New Weezer

Weezer's new single, Pork and Beans, came out a couple of weeks ago, and their new record (also called Weezer, haha those guys aren't very good at coming up with album names...or perhaps they just love eponymous records) is out June 3rd.

listen to the song here:

Weezer - Island in the Sun [mp3]

Monday, May 12, 2008


what is it about NY bands being so damn awesome?
I've had Evil on repeat for quite some time now.

they are playing festivals in Europe right now

Jul 1 2008 7:00P
Train Aarhus

Jul 3 2008 7:00P
Quart Festival Kristiansand

Jul 4 2008 7:00P
Arvika Festival Stockholm

Jul 5 2008 7:00P
HEINEKEN Open’er Festival Gdynia

Jul 6 2008 7:00P
Ruisrock Festival Vantaa

Jul 11 2008 7:00P
OXEGEN Festval Punchestown, Kildare

Jul 12 2008 7:00P
T in the Park Scotland Kinross-Shire, Scotland

Jul 15 2008 7:00P
Band Apart Festival Ferrara, Ferrara

Jul 16 2008 7:00P
Montreux Festival Montreux

Jul 18 2008 7:00P
Summercase Barcelona Barcelona, Barcelona

Jul 19 2008 7:00P
Summercase Madrid Madrid, Madrid

Jul 20 2008 8:00P
Latitude Festival Suffolk

Jul 26 2008 7:00P
Pemberton Festival Pemberton, British Columbia

also, the new DCFC comes out tomorrow. I already have it but that's beside the point.

Interpol-Evil [mp3]

Sunday, May 11, 2008

hardly strictly bluegrass festival

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are headlining this FREE FESTIVAL at Golden Gate Park this year from October 3rd-5th.

Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused [mp3]