Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Music Definitons: Sleeping

I took a nap in the sun today, just because I could.

The Strokes Post #433

oh the tears how they come.

at this rate, do we really need a new Strokes record? I am not being serious, of course, but hearing Julian singing songs from Is This It makes me SO HAPPY because he sounds SO incredible.

Friday, May 7, 2010

band of the week: Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club make songs that would be fitting for a sugar rush in a spaceship. Who has the capacity to be frustrated when there is effervescent, weightless dreamy pop in the air? Kind of like a love child of Bombay Bicycle Club and The Postal Service, Two Door Cinema Club seem to have no trouble in capturing the youthful vigour of electro-dance pop. Their resume is off to a great start--they've played shows with Phoenix and released their spectacular debut, Tourist History in March. I have no idea where this journey will take us, but I am wholeheartedly on board.

visit them on MYSPACE

Free Energy give away another free song

you can download "Hope Child" at or snag it below

the band is currently on tour and will be stopping by SF's Great American Music Hall for two nights in June with Mates of State.

The Dead Weather at Coachella

Jack White is a beast. this is public knowledge. now, we as all will eagerly await the Dead Weather's sophomore LP, we can occupy ourselves with a fantastic bootleg from Coachella, courtesy of Troubled Souls Unite

The Strokes Post #432

new Julian interview, courtesy of Connor and the fantastic publication that is CLASH mag.

You’ve got a Twitter profile. Do you like having that contact with your fans and having them know what you’re doing or thinking?

It’s tricky. I mean, the whole Twitter thing, to be honest, I’m not such a fan. I mean, I think the idea is pretty cool, but there’s just some inherent vanity about it that’s kinda gross. As a struggling solo artist I feel like you gotta do it just to compete or you’re almost at a disadvantage or something, you know? I don’t recommend restaurants or talk about the movies I like necessarily - except for the MacGruber movie, which I saw, which I thought was funny - but anyway, my point is... (Laughs) That was an inside joke so I guess I shouldn’t have brought that up. But yeah, I mean, we talked about it with all the people I work with, and I just had a list of these weird random thoughts that I would never use for anything. So I just gave a list to [tour manager] Richard, who does the Twitter, and he just kinda posts them randomly. As well as like thanking cities when we play shows.

reading ^ made me so happy. especially the part I highlighted. that is how I feel about online social networking down to a t.

Classic Track Thursday

from Bakesale (1994)

there is a certain unabashed crassness of 90's indie music that just feeds my soul. when you find a good lo-fi band from that era, you need not worry about pretentious reservedness, hipster cred or the general uninspired nonsense that floods the blogosphere. these bands made music like their lives depended on it, because their lives depended on it. they needed to be as loud as possible, because they only had one chance to put forth their take on this whirlwind of confusion we have deemed life.

I just found this band in the dusty clearance racks of Amoeba. they have been rocking my socks for the last couple of hours. formed in 1986 in the grand state of Massachusetts, Sebadoh harnesses the relentless bass skills of Dinosaur Jr's Lou Barlow to your heart's content.

do yourself a favour and get listening.

The Strokes Post #431

I've been thinking about this epic video all day long. viva youtube. viva ze strokes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

record review: Minus the Bear - Omni

On their fourth full length LP, Seattle’s Minus the Bear have rounded up the talents of Joe Chiccarelli to put forth their most textured album to date. Taking experimentalism to the next level, they continue to create synth effects with guitar, merging indie rock and dance music in the most breathlessly vibrant way possible. Part grime, part polish, the music is dripping with glimmering beats and raucous electrical charges. With an impeccable black gold sheen it seamlessly winds through decades of dance music, picking up all the best volcanic rocks and delivering them in Jake’s Snider’s signature whispery high tenor. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in some stranger’s bed after a Minus the Bear concert, Omni’s sensuality is undeniable.

you can stream the whole album HERE

tour dates can be found on their MYSPACE page

Muse Stream Seattle Concert in its Entirety

coming back from Coachella, Muse was high on recap list of what I liked the best. a lot of people scoffed at that, but I don't care, because I know in my bones that these guys have such spectacular stage presence


Muse "The Resistance Tour - Live"

Muse - Map of Problematique (Abbey Road sessions) [mp3]

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Delta Spirit: History from Below (+tour dates)

I was listening to Delta Spirit's second album, History from Below today in my car and it literally reduced me to tears. I know it's only May but I think this is gonna be my favourite album of the year.

June 8th, guys and gals. here are some tour dates for what is undeniably the greatest working band around today.

June 8 / Solana Beach CA / Belly Up
June 9 / San Francisco CA / Independent
June 10 / Portland OR / Doug Fir
June 11 / Seattle WA / Neumo's
June 12 / Vancouver BC / The Venue
June 14 / Boise ID / Neurolux
June 15 / Salt Lake City UT / Urban Lounge
June 16 / Denver CO / Bluebird Theatre
June 17 / Omaha NE / Waiting Room
June 18 / Minneapolis MN / Varsity Theatre
June 19 / Chicago IL / Metro
June 21 / St. Louis MO / Firebird
June 22 / Indianapolis IN / Radio Radio
June 23 / Columbus OH / Basement
June 24 / Cleveland OH / Beachland Ballroom
June 25 / Pontiac MI / Pike Room
June 28 / Boston MA / Middle East Downstairs
June 30 / New York NY / Bowery Ballroom
July 1 / Brooklyn NY / Music Hall of Williamsburg
July 2 / Philadelphia PA / First Unitarian Church
July 3 / Washington DC / 9:30 Club
July 5 / Carrboro NC / Cat's Cradle
July 6 / Chaleston, SC / Pour House
July 7 / St. Augustine FL / Cafe 11
July 8 / Orlando FL / The Social
July 9 / Atlanta GA / Masquerade
July 10 / Birmingham AL / Bottletree
July 11 / Haittesburg MS / Thirsty Hippo
July 13 / Little Rock AR / Juanita's
July 14 / Tulsa OK / Cain's
July 15 / Dallas TX / The Loft
July 16 / Houston / TX Mango's
July 17 / Austin TX / Emo's Outside
July 20 / Santa Fe NM / Santa Fe Brewing Co
July 21 / Tucson AZ / TBD
July 23 / Los Angeles CA / El Rey Theatre
July 24 / Santa Barbara CA / Velvet Jones

The Strokes Post #430

I went trail running for the first time in months today and by the time this song was playing, I was feeling like the most badass eagle of all of the western hemisphere.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

record review: Free Energy - Stuck on Nothing

A wonderful musical revolution is upon us. Free Energy are here to re-educate us about the essential snap crackle and bang pop of 70’s rock gems. What wonderful fervor dissipates from the combination of hard rock and power pop, relaying AC/DC via The Cars. Stuck on Nothing is so cheekily true to its title, as Free Energy push around the bounds of the rock n roll genre. They are the reincarnation of that band you find in your brother’s room after he goes off to chase some pipe dream or another, fueled by the rush of an ego nourished by batches upon batches of pleasantly snarky songs. Who in their right mind will deny the lucid and self assured chorus in “Free Energy” which defiantly declares “we are young and still alive”?

The production itself is some of the crispest work I’ve heard all year, courtesy of one James Murphy. This album is electrifying and refreshing, the exact musical equivalent of driving really fast with all of your windows down. Spring is here and the sun is shining, so what are you waiting for? Take it out for a ride.


Free Energy - Bang Pop [mp3]

the Philly band's fantastic debut was released digitally a couple of months ago but dropped today in your local record store. get it nowww.

The Strokes Post #429

this picture is from the drive to coachella, during which I was playing dj. I was quite accommodating to my friends (with my own music but still), and didn't play anything Strokes related for a couple of hours. then I played "Out of the Blue" and the time showed up on the screen. it was awesome.

Monday, May 3, 2010

band to watch: International Waters

Dance is such a universal expression of passion, of emotion, of energy. But a lot of us just don't dig what passes for dance music these days. We'd much rather shake to jangly indie pop and sweatastic guitar snares at constant battle with delicately sentimental vocals. This is where a band like International Waters comes in. The Austin based band, which is fronted by Mitch Calvert (from Voxtrot) is currently working on releasing their first album. They unearth so much of what I wished high school prom would be--relentlessly fun yet intimate and dreamy. Let them be the soundtrack to your everyday movement and you'll quickly forget that you're not in uncomfortable semi-formal attire.


MAY 25 EL PASO at The Garage Tequila Bar
MAY 26 PHOENIX at The Lost Leaf Bar and Gallery
MAY 27 LOS ANGELES at the Echoplex w/ Voxtrot
MAY 29 SAN FRANCISCO at the Great American Music Hall w/ Voxtrot
JUNE 1 ALBUQUERQUE at Burt’s Tiki Lounge
JUNE 2 LUBBOCK at Bash’s
JUNE 3 AUSTIN at Emo’s w/Voxtrot

visit them on MYSPACE or trek to their WEBSITE to buy some < 12 inch slabs of vinyl

The Strokes Post #428

to make up for the belatedness of my weekend posts, I am gonna give away a 7" of Juicebox. just leave a comment telling me what your favourite record store find has been thus far.

Sunday Morning Covers (belated)

The Strokes Post #427 (belated)

Saturday Music Definitions: Fear (belated)

oh Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I love you.