Saturday, August 30, 2008

new video: The Hives - Won't Be Long


this is my all time favourite Hives song EVER. I went crazy when they sang it live. I need to choose between seeing them again live or Liam Finn, because they're playing SF shows the same night. I will probably choose these guys, because they are simply phenomenal live. so is Liam, but you can't really dance like it's 1999 to his music.

the video, by the way, consists of various clips of their shows and them on the road. you can see Pelle sleeping =) total creeper status haha

I love The Hives. and if you don't listen to them, START IMMEDIATELY. seriously, they are the coolest Swedish garage rock band ever =)

The Hives - Diabolic Scheme [mp3]

The Hives - Won't Be Long [mp3]

The Hives - You've Got it all Wrong [mp3]

Saturday Music Definitions: Start

a new year, the same old stuff. I try to start over, end up falling back to old habits. whatever, here are some mp3s

Voxtrot - The Start of Something [mp3 highly recommended!]

The Strokes - When It Started [mp3]

Razorlight - Back to the Start [mp3]

and, I know this is cheating because it is a cover and today isn't Sunday haha but this is really good:

The Flaming Lips - (Just Like) Starting Over (John Lennon cover) [mp3]

that's so weird, except for the Voxtrot tune, all of those songs are track 9's.

Friday, August 29, 2008

band of the week: Liam Finn

this Kiwi (New Zealander) who takes after his father Neil's musical talent blew me away when I first heard his voice. upon listening to a couple of songs on his MYSPACE, I immediately ordered his record online, a very very wise purchase. "I'll be Lightning" is a stunning debut with a eclectic feel, from the higher energy songs ("Second Chance", Lead Balloon") to slower, Elliott Smith type whispery quiet vocals("Music Moves my Feet"), all of the songs guaruntee chills (the good kind)

I saw him open up for Laura Veirs (I went specifically for him and didn't pay attention to Laura's set). he was spectacular. he has a signature thing where he always plays drums on "Second Chance", which is truly breathtaking. I remember, at one point he nearly lost control and dropped one drumstick, but continued and picked it up without skipping a beat. well, not literally of course, but it was a SMOOTH save.

now watch this performance. really, do. it's amazing.

and, now that you're convinced, go to your local record shop, buy his album and make sure to catch him live (a ton of tour dates are posted on his MYSPACE, including a SF show where he is headlining =)

when I saw him, I asked him to play my favourite song off the record, "Wide Awake on the Voyage Home" and he agreed, even though he and EJ hadn't planned to. before he began, he said "this song was requested by a very special fan", which was sweet, and so true. I adore Liam. and now you do too.

Liam Finn - Second Chance [mp3]

Liam Finn - Wide Awake on the Voyage Home [mp3]

and, some bonus songs not included on the record:
Liam Finn - I found a noise in ATP [mp3]

Liam Finn - I will explode [mp3]

Liam Finn - Never feel the same [mp3]

Thursday, August 28, 2008

new Kings of Leon video: Sex on Fire

it's the most interesting video I've seen in a long while, check it out on YOUTUBE

also, they've revealed cover art for "Only By the Night":

and, an mp3 of the above song:

Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire [mp3]

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Albert Hammond Jr to design cool suits

he's been wearing them for years, has excellent fashion sense. He once said that he used to dress up and pretend he was in the band, and get into shows for free that way. maybe the same will happen to you if you buy a suit of his (haha major endorsement-age)

anyhow, read the entire article on NME and download a tune below:

Sunday Morning Covers (sorry, it's late.)

so I'm back in the old dorms and I just got internet access like 35 minutes ago. sooo, here are some cool songs

because I've been listening to the Velvet Underground all day:

The Morning Benders - Temptation Inside Your Heart (VU cover) [mp3]

because Pink Floyd is always relevant:

My Morning Jacket - Mother (PF cover) [mp3]

and, just because:

Arcade Fire - A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover) [mp3]