Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nickel Eye record to be released January 13th

Nikolai Fraiture, the Strokes' bassist, has collaborated with Joel Cadbury (steel guitar), Jamie McDonald (guitar), Brett Shaw (drums), Regina Spektor (piano), Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (guitar), Jack Dishel of Only Son (back up vocals), Jesse Wallace (drums) + more to produce NICKEL EYE, a band with a very interesting sound.

visit them on MYSPACE

here are some tour dates:

Oct 15 2008 8:00P The Borderline London

Oct 22 2008 9:00PM Music Hall of Williamsburg CMJ Festival Brooklyn, New York

Oct 24 2008 1:00A Piano’s CMJ Festival New York, New York

Nickel Eye - Back From Exile [mp3]

The Strokes will be back in February. hallelujah.

Saturday Music Definitions: Stars

I think that every night this week, I've had the wonderful opportunity to walk beneath the gorgeous sky in the dark. We've had good weather in Berkeley, so clear skies have been abundant. I could stare at the stars forever, well I could do a lot of things forever, including listening to my music collection and reading Joyce.

Ryan Adams - When the Stars Go Blue (live at Murat theatre 02 October 2008) [mp3]
I adore Ryan Adams, and love him even more because he is so cool about the recording of his live shows. I cannot wait until DECEMBER when I get to see him open for Oasis.

Broken Social Scene - Stars and Sons [mp3]
a nice track from a very underrated Canadian band whose music I quite enjoy.

Belle and Sebastian - Stars of Track and Field [mp3]
everytime I hear Belle and Sebastian, I laugh because I remember High Fidelity.

"it's the new Belle and Sebastian. do you like it?"
"holy shit. what the fuck is that"
"it's the new Belle and Sebastian"
"it's what we've been listening to and enjoying"
"well that's unfortunate because it SUCKS ASS!"

hahaha I love Jack Black.

and please, please watch this clip as well. I promise you it's well worth your time:

the air conditioner bit gets me every time. I love this movie.

the new Fall Out Boy video rocks

this is a couple of weeks old but I just watched it now:

I swear Fall Out Boy get catchier with every record. Take This To Your Grave will always be my favourite but I do enjoy me some STUDIO VERSION Fall Out Boy (not to mention I adore the lyrics. Pete Wentz rocks my socks.) I've forgiven them for their shitty live performance, maybe one day their excellent recorded sound will manifest itself live.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Band of the Week: In Cadeo

the band's MYSPACE profile tells all:

Hailing from Oregon, Ohio, and DC, and Forming in early 2008 in NYC/Brooklyn, in Cadeo is a fresh dose of kick-you-in-the balls/face/balls kind of indie rock. Having just released their self-titled debut EP in April 2008, they will be releasing their first full-length album in January.

This is Hanan, and I fully endorse this message.

They are actually giving away both their EP and a sampler of their LP FREE IN DIGITAL FORM ON THEIR WEBSITE. CLICK HERE to download the lovely tunes.

I really like this band. Apparently, I downloaded their stuff ages ago, but never got a chance to give em a listen. Thanks to shuffle, I heard (and fell in love with) "The Archer", a song with proper "indie" sound. haha yes, that gives you permission to hate me.

"Passing" sounds like something from Dashboard Confessional if Chris Carrabba stopped screeching and started singing, "Vultures" emulates early Modest Mouse, and "City Lights" sounds like happier Elliott Smith songs. "Ghosts" is sung like The National's songs, minus Matt's baritone. download each of these songs below:

In Cadeo - Passing [mp3]

In Cadeo - Vultures [mp3]

In Cadeo - City Lights [mp3]

In Cadeo - Ghosts [mp3]

In Cadeo - The Archer [mp3, highly recommended!]

keep an eye out for their forthcoming record early next year!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Killers perform "Human" + "Spaceman" on SNL

this song is growing on me. every day I hate it less and less. this live version is a lot cooler than the studio one, because it's so much more synth and so much less pop-crap. by the time their October 21st Warfield show rolls by, I will probably love this song. and I don't hate myself for that prospect. The Killers are one of my all time favourite bands after all, I've gotta be somewhat biased in their favour.


here is the video for Spaceman. this song rocks so much. this performance gives me chills it's so good. THIS IS THE BAND THAT WE KNOW AND LOVE! ah! I love it so much. now I don't even have to force myself to like "Human", this song makes up for it so much. this performance emulates the song's brilliance a lot clearer than this one.

Mark's bass line reminds me of the guitars in "7 nation army" by The White Stripes. good stuff.

Sunday Morning Covers

another round of one of my favourite things in the world...covers.

music makes me so happy.

Stereophonics - Best of You (Foo Fighters cover) [mp3]
there are rumours that Foo might be done, as they've stated that they need a "long break"
they've given us some great songs, and I hope they don't break up, but if they do, I will be sad but not bitter. they've been amazing. anyhow, this cover is reaaaaaaaaaaally good, it does the song very much justice, and then some

M. Ward - Let's Dance (Bowie cover) [mp3]

I think M. Ward is a talented musician. I adore Zooey Deschanel as an actress, I cannot stand their folk duo project, She and Him.
this cover is vastly different from the original. it's not dancable at all, but it's slow and beautiful.
much love to Ziggy, as always. do give this song a listen, it's a really interesting interpretation of

Green Day - I fought the law (Clash cover) [mp3]
a "punk" band covering a PUNK band. I was watching Knocked Up last night, and a three year old girl in the movie said that she wanted to listen to Green Day. my oh my.