Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Music Definitions: Sister

Pavement - Father to a Sister of Thought [mp3]

The Who - Sister Disco [mp3]

Sufjan Stevens - Sister [mp3]

Spoon - Sister Jack [mp3]

Foo Fighters - Sister Europe [mp3]

Andrew Bird - Two Sisters [mp3]

Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives [mp3]

The Smiths - Shakespeare's Sister [mp3]

Guided by Voices - Sister I Need Wine [mp3]

new video: The Soft Pack - "Answer to Yourself"

my favourite song on The Soft Pack's fantastic album now has a visual accompaniment. it's Mclovin!

Free Energy wants YOU in their new music video

do you live in the band's hometown of Philadelphia? head on out to Urban Outfitters (on Walnut) on Tuesday, April 13th from 5-7pm for the chance to be in their new video, “Bang Pop.” the guys need about 100 people for the video, so why not try your luck?

Free Energy - Something In Common (Live on MPR) [mp3]

tour dates:
04/21: Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
04/22: Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick Café
04/23: Chicago, IL @ Beauty Bar
04/25: Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
04/26: Madison, WI @ Annex
04/27: West Liberty, IA @ Secrest 1883 Octogonal Barn*
04/28: Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom*
04/29: Lake Geneva, WI @ Knotty Pines Farm*
04/30: Monticiello, IL @ Kalyx Center*
05/01: Maquoketa, IL @ Codfish Hollow Barn*
05/14: Lewiston, ME @ Bates College
05/26: Boston, MA @ The Middle East Downstairs +
05/27: Hamden, CT @ Space +
05/28: Philadelphia, PA @ The First Unitarian Church +
05/29: New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom +
06/01: Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 +
06/02: Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor +
06/04: Jacksonville, FL @ Jackrabbits +
06/05: Tampa, FL @ Crowbar #
06/06: St. Paul, MN @ The Grand Old Day Festival
06/06: Orlando FL @ Backbooth #
06/08: Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree +
06/09: Nashville, TN @ The Exit In +
06/10: Bloomington, IN @ The Bluebird +

* = Daytrotter Presents: Barnstormer III
+ = w/ Jukebox The Ghost
# = Jukebox The Ghost solo dates

The Strokes Post #406

must watch video: Langhorne Slim does "Cinderella" & "I Love You But Goodbye" for Yours Truly

I am kind of sort of in love with Langhorne Slim

Friday, April 9, 2010

concert review: Adam Green @ Cafe Du Nord 06 April 2010

Adam Green has an energy factor that surpasses the cool threshold in indie rock. His spirit would be better suited at a vaudeville show, full stage makeup and all. But then again, where would us indie kids go to work up an good sweat dancing?

His first of two nights at San Francisco’s Café Du Nord, Green’s show on the 6th was a magical combination of music and showmanship. With a masterful setlist that was obviously improvised as the night progressed, Green had the audience grinning at his erratic dancing and other eccentricities. I don’t think it’s possible to describe the sheer brilliance of his absurd dance moves. You had to be there.

Supported by a backing band of LA’s Dead Trees (who opened up the night by testing out a fresh batch of songs), Adam soon proved that—stumbling aside—he could do no wrong. Musically, he delivered his new songs in a similar vein to his older work (the restless energy that can be found on “Nat King Cole”, for example), abandoning the more tranquil nature of Minor Love. Perhaps most entertaining of all was the fact that responded to the standard shouts of “Adam, you’re hot!” by demanding that the liable girls “turn around”. Green is obviously an entertainer at heart, and he definitely thrives on the energy from the crowd. Much to the fans’ delight, Adam not only shared stories of his recent escapades to Jamba Juice but also kindly gave away some of his bracelets to girls standing up front. He is many things, but subtle is not one of them. Maybe this is why he crowd surfed—not once, not twice, but three times during the night. Combine this with the beatnick monologues interspersed between songs and you have yourself a mighty tasty recipe for success all the way from the big apple.


The Dead Trees:

click HERE to watch Buddy Bradley & Goblin

Adam Green - What Makes Him Act So Bad [mp3]

The Strokes Post #405

Julian, you are my hero. cheers to Nate for the video!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Classic Track Thursday

The Beatles - The Night Before [mp3]

I am in such a I-wanna-stay-in-and-watch-Beatles-movies mood right now it is not even funny.

The Strokes Post #404

remember this?

win a trip to coachella from AXE

still considering coachella? strapped for cash? you could always try to score free tickets like entering the contest below:

enter for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Coachella by taking the AXE Morning Alertness Test HERE. you could win 2 festival tickets and a chance to attend the AXE Shower sponsored Anthem Lagoon pool party VIP style.

good luck to everyone!

The Strokes Post #403

here's a phraze I don't utter very much:
I am exhausted. gonna go to bed.

here is some lazy blogging: if you haven't already, check out the official LOLLAPALOOZA LINEUP and be as pissed as I am that Lady Gaga is higher up than The Fab Five.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

record review: Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore - Dear Companion

Some musicians are masters at feeding the soul. They tap into the sunniest parts of our childhoods and help us look toward the optimistically clean slate of the future. Teaming up with Daniel Martin Moore in a very appropriately named project, Ben Sollee has returned full force, armed with Georgia peaches and old barn tales.

His cello playing is more minimalist than ever before, and it makes for a much more endearing brand of music. Perhaps because this is not a solo project, Sollee has taken a break from crafting showy, elaborate songs and rather contributes to what is mostly a collection of beautiful slow-dance numbers. Dear Companion is like a much needed summer breeze: subtle, refreshing, and perfectly fragrant.

Let this duo take you to the grassy plains of Kentucky, far away from the stress of bills, school and the impending apocalypse.


Dear Companion - Something, Somewhere, Sometime [mp3]

The Strokes Post #402

seeing Adam Green tonight =)

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Middle East - Blood

the combination of the band & song monikers is quite misleading. this track is anything but agitated conflict and/or blood bathery

The Middle East - Blood [mp3]

tour dates (with Pavement):

The Middle East Tour Dates:
Apr 9--Larimer Lounge--Denver, Colorado
Apr 13--Cellar Door--Visalia, California
Apr 15--The Fox Theater--Ponoma, California
Apr 16--Soho Restaurant and Music Club--Santa Barbara, California
Apr 18--Coachella--Indio, California
May 13--Cabaret du Musee Juste Pour Rire--Montreal, Quebec*
May 15--Middle East--Cambridge, Massachusetts*
May 16--Theatre of the Living Arts--Philadelphia, Pennsylvania*
May 17--Music Hall of Williamsburg--::SOLD OUT::--Brooklyn, New York*
May 18--Webster Hall--::SOLD OUT:--New York, New York*
May 20--9:30 Club--Washington DC, Washington DC*
May 21--Beachland Ballroom--Cleveland, Ohio*
May 22--Wexner Center--Columbus, Ohio*
May 24--Lincoln Hall--Chicago, Illinois*
May 25--Varsity Theater--Minneapolis, Minnesota*
May 29--Sasquatch Music Festival--George, Washington*
May 30--560 Club--Vancouver, British Columbia*
May 31--Aladdin Theater--Portland, Oregon*
Jun 2--Slim’s--San Francisco, California*
Jun 7--Rhythm Room--Phoenix, Arizona*
Jun 9--Antone’s--Austin, Texas*
Jun 10--House of Blues Cambridge Room--Dallas, Texas *
Jul 10--T in the Park--Balado, Scotland
Jul 11--Punchestown Racecourse--Naas, Northern Ireland
Jul 15--Slottsfjell Festival--Tonsberg
* Tour Dates with Mumford and Sons


Vampire Weekend's Chris Biao to DJ in Oakland

there will be an afterparty following the band's show at the beautiful Fox Theatre on the 19th with music provided by the band's adorable bassist. you can buy tickets HERE

record review: MGMT - Congratulations

In countless recent interviews, the power duo of MGMT have insisted that their second LP moves far away from their magnificent 2008 debut, Oracular Spectacular. It’s starting to seem as though they did that to fend off suspicions of sophomore slump. Although this is an admirable form of preemptive defense, it is unfortunate to realize that they did it with full knowledge of their musical shortcomings.

When it comes down to it, Congratulations spreads itself too thin over too many genres without enough cohesiveness to bind everything together. The band purposefully created an album without any obvious singles because that is how they want it to be consumed—as a single unit. However, much of their charm came directly from those playful standout tracks found on Oracular Spectacular—which actually accentuated the slower tracks and made them all that more endearing—and, without them, MGMT fail to strike a chord.

The effervescent closer, “Congratulation” could easily have been on their debut album, but it lacks the novelty which the band has been bragging about. Or what about the excruciating “Siberian Breaks”? A 12 minute tribute to 80’s soft pop? Thanks, but no thanks. The single saving grace on the whole album is the mischievous, Misfits inspired track called “Brian Eno”. Everything else fades into uninspired drivel. Look elsewhere for a good fix of psychedelic music, you won’t find it here.


MGMT - Electric Feel [mp3]

from Oracular Spectacular

The Strokes Post #402

JC is gonna be gracing an Indiananapolis record shop this Friday. click HERE for more details