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Band of the Week: The Lonely Forest

There are a handful of people in the music industry whom I trust unconditionally; Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie is one of those people. Having exposed Telekinesis in the past, Walla has formed a new label called Trans and The Lonely Forest are his very first signing band.

The Washington band will release their new LP, Arrows, early next year but a self titled EP will be available for purchase on Tuesday as the band embarks on a tour with Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Opening song “Turn Off This Song” self-effacingly challenges the ridiculousness of indie hipster musicians, their better-than-thou attitude and odd combinations of “vintage shirts and hundred dollar pants”. The simple buildup is reminiscent of the humble proportions of Clarity-era Jimmy Eat World. This music is wonderfully detached from what is currently musically stylish, instead it embraces a dizzying, Sigur Ros-type approach to guitar. “Let It Go” finds common ground with the ethereal prog-rock nuances of Minus the Bear while the piano progressions on songs like “I Don't Want to Live There”, are unapologetic and self-indulgent in the way only songwriters like Jeff Buckley ever dared to be. The Lonely Forest even lament being too young, just like Buckley once did.

“I Don't Want to Live There”, which extols Northwestern “miles of tall evergreens/the smell of the ocean and cool mountain breeze”, does so via audaciously cheeky criticism of Los Angeles. But, knowing how unaffected the hipsters of LA are, they will probably embrace it in an unparalleled fit of self deprecating irony.

The Lonely Forest - I Don't Want to Live There [mp3]

The Lonely Forest on MYSPACE

The Lonely Forest EP
Track listing:

1. Turn Off This Song
2. Ramshackle House
3. Live There
4. Let It Go
5. Turn Off This Song (Acoustic)

Tour Dates:
w/Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s
Sept 17 – Minneapolis, MN 7th St Entry
Sept 18 – Milwaukee, WI Mad Planet
Sept 19 – Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall
Sept 21 – Ann Arbor, MI The Blind Pig
Sept 22 – Columbus, OH The Circus
Sept 23 – Newport, KY The Southgate House
Sept 24 – Akron, OH Musica
Sept 25 – Pittsburgh, PA Brillobox
Sept 26 – New York, NY Bowery Ballroom
Sept 27 – Cambridge, MA Middle East Downstairs
Sept 29 – Brooklyn, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg
Sept 30 – Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church
Oct 1 – Washington, DC Black Cat
Oct 2 – Asheville, NC Stella Blue
Oct 3 – Chapel Hill, NC Local 506
Oct 5 – Tallahassee, FL Club Downunder
Oct 6 – Gainesville, FL Common Grounds
Oct 7 – Orlando, FL Backbooth
Oct 8 – Tampa, FL Crowbar
Oct 9 – Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn
Oct 10 – Birmingham, AL The Bottletree
Oct 11 – Nashville, TN Exit/In
Oct 13 – St Louis, MO Firebird
Oct 14 – Bloomington, IN The Bishop

w/Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Nov 3 – Minneapolis, MN 7th St Entry
Nov 4 – Ames, IA Maintenance Shop
Nov 5 – Lawrence, KS Jackpot Saloon
Nov 6 – Denver, CO Hi Dive
Nov 7 – Salt Lake City, UT Kilby Court
Nov 10 – Nampa, ID Flying M Coffee
Nov 11 – Seattle, WA Neumos
Nov 12 – Vancouver, BC The Biltmore Cabaret
Nov 13 – Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge
Nov 15 – San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill
Nov 16 – Los Angeles, CA SpaceLAnd
Nov 19 – La Jolla, CA UCSD – The Loft
Nov 20 – Phoenix, AZ The Trunk Space
Nov 22 – Austin, TX The Mohawk
Nov 23 – Dallas, TX House of Blues – Pontiac Garage

The Strokes Post #560

The Strokes - Live at Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia (July 30 2010) [zip]

1. Intro [mp3]
2. NYC Cops
3. The Modern Age
4. Hard to Explain
5. What Ever Happened
6. You Only Live Once
7. Soma
8. Is This It
9. Vision of Division
10. I Can't Win
11. Reptilia
12. Last Nite
13. Encore Break
14. Juicebox
15. Someday
16. Under Control
17. Heart in a Cage
18. Take It Or Leave It
19. Outro

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concert review: Free Energy/Titus Anronicus @ the Independent

San Francisco, CA
08 September 2010

The members of Free Energy, a band borne of another band, are no newcomers to the live music scene. They know where their strengths lie, and if their performance history says anything at all, it’s that they have focused all of their time perfecting the art of dance-infused guitar pop.

Last night, they had no reserve rendering their now canonical post-debut album set, comprised heavily of new songs, whilst their pre-Stuck on Nothing singles (like their self-titled song) shone brightly like a monarch’s crown filled with 70’s gems. The crowd danced alongside headliners Titus Andronicus; the band, having toured extensively with Philadelphia’s finest, have developed a protective older-sibling type relationship with Free Energy, who, ironically, aren’t the ones spewing the angsty punk lyrics.

As hi-fi and carefree as Free Energy were, New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus did not take note one bit; their morose music found its solace in rectified drum beats and celtic string arrangements.

Patrick Stickles is unquestionably one of indie rock’s finest lyricists, but chilling lines like “is there a girl at this college who hasn't been raped?” are hidden beneath the layers of screaming and interlacing guitar solos. Patrick, ever the people’s musician, revealed secrets of the band’s pseudo-cryptic set list composition as well as welcomed an eager fan on stage to provide tambourines for “Titus Andronicus”.

If I didn’t know better, I would assume he was assuaging his impending guilt regarding the horrible ultimatum of indie cred: the more fans and acclaim the band acquires, the less sincere their impassioned delivery seems. But Titus Andronicus are humble as fuck, so I know that isn’t the case. Not to mention that they’re too conscientious to ever flirt with mainstream radio.

Titus Andronicus - A Pot in Which to Piss [mp3]

Delta Spirit to play the Fillmore in December

like whoa.

they will grace the SF stage on Tuesday 07 December 2010

Delta Spirit - Salt in the Wound [mp3]

Classic Track Thursday

The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait [mp3]
from Pleased to Meet Me (1987), the year my older brother was born. cheers to him, he's one of the only people who gets it.

The Strokes Post #559

"I will not disturb you
I was just returning you a compliment"

I am basically obsessed with the lyrics on First Impressions right now. I also have more than two drinks in me and will probably self destruct any moment now.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

this Wednesday's Rumble SF: Taxes, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Oona

Futuresounds, Noise Pop & The Owl Mag Present
The Rumble San Francisco
Taxes, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Oona
with DJ BAGel Ted

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
1840 Haight Street
Free with RSVP

The Strokes Post #556

"Ce group c'etait toute ma vie, tout ce qe j'etais et tout ce que je semblais etre mais ca m'a devore"


poor Julian. I know exactly how he feels. the world fucking sucks, man.

record review: The Walkmen - Lisbon

Lisbon is like Christmas. Somehow, a toned down album is always expected from any band’s repertoire but there are little surprises along the way that make it memorable.

The Walkmen have crafted the most brilliant ode to times past, to the beautiful meeting points of our past and future selves. The seasawing guitars in “Angela Surf City” allow all of the attention to be focused on Matt Barrick’s impeccable drumming. In a way, the song is an analogy for the record, which really accentuates the individual strengths of each band member, down to Hamilton Leithauser’s vigourous croon which grapples with trials of love, loss and hope. Lead single “Stranded” layers a beautiful horn section over a strained declaration of “oh I’m stranded”, culminating in a flourish worthy of a military send off. The double whammy of “All My Great Designs” and “Woe is Me” nods towards the mellow direction which Cold War Kids embarked upon on Loyalty to Loyalty. Recorded in five days, Lisbon is imperative in the best sense of the word, as each of its tracks sounds organic and free flowing. This is a record to cherish, to mull over, to keep as a companion for dreary days beside the fire.


Lisbon drops on September 14th, make sure you pick it up