Monday, September 6, 2010

record review: The Walkmen - Lisbon

Lisbon is like Christmas. Somehow, a toned down album is always expected from any band’s repertoire but there are little surprises along the way that make it memorable.

The Walkmen have crafted the most brilliant ode to times past, to the beautiful meeting points of our past and future selves. The seasawing guitars in “Angela Surf City” allow all of the attention to be focused on Matt Barrick’s impeccable drumming. In a way, the song is an analogy for the record, which really accentuates the individual strengths of each band member, down to Hamilton Leithauser’s vigourous croon which grapples with trials of love, loss and hope. Lead single “Stranded” layers a beautiful horn section over a strained declaration of “oh I’m stranded”, culminating in a flourish worthy of a military send off. The double whammy of “All My Great Designs” and “Woe is Me” nods towards the mellow direction which Cold War Kids embarked upon on Loyalty to Loyalty. Recorded in five days, Lisbon is imperative in the best sense of the word, as each of its tracks sounds organic and free flowing. This is a record to cherish, to mull over, to keep as a companion for dreary days beside the fire.


Lisbon drops on September 14th, make sure you pick it up

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