Saturday, July 18, 2009

Julian Casablancas is a fan of Oscar Wilde

the title of his forthcoming solo album, Phrazes of the Young, derives from Oscar Wilde's Phrases and Philosophies for the use of the Young

that is just too, too cool.

here's the preview again:

Saturday Music Definitions: purple

Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze [mp3]

Prince - Purple Rain [mp3]

Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple [mp3]

The Dodos - Red and Purple [mp3]

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Purple Stain [mp3]

The Strokes Post #147

The Strokes, live in Boston, 2006, at Bank of America Pavilion


11. You Only Live Once/NYC Cops [mp3]
this is wicked.
12. Is This It [mp3]
13. Hard to Explain [mp3]
14. Last Nite [mp3]
15. Ask Me Anything [mp3]
16. Vision of Division/Reptilia [mp3]
17. Encore Break [mp3]
18. Barely Legal [mp3]
19. Walk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed cover) [mp3]
20. Take It Or Leave It [mp3]

coming soon: the book of Moz

is the first in-depth encyclopedia of the man, the myth and the music. With over 500 pages and 700 entries, it covers every song, every album, every collaborator, his personal heroes and secret influences. From The Queen Is Dead to Suedehead, from Cilla Black to the Sex Pistols, his ‘absurd passion’ for Farley’s Rusks and the ‘undiscussable’ Band Aid, it’s all here - in one epic and devilishly handsome book."

genius! the book will go on sale next week, but you can order it HERE

thanks to The Red Radio for the news!

band of the week: The Libertines

many music lovers (yours truly included) have many ostensibly irreconcilable music tastes. we obsess over Elliott Smith one day, and AC/DC the next day. we seek with equal ardour 7"s by The White Stripes and acoustic bootlegs of Ryan Adams' early work. we love Paul Simon, but cannot live without Alice Cooper. it makes no sense to our mono-tasted counterparts.

so I am going to say something that makes absolutely no sense, but makes all the sense in the world.

The Libertines are the perfect meeting point between The Clash and The Smiths.

anyone with a surface level familiarity with the band's music would scoff at my claim. Peter Doherty sounds nothing like Morrissey or Joe Strummer, and the band's music is pretty detached from both of those bands.

but fans of the band will understand what I mean. Libs fans know that Doherty worships The Smiths. he even named a song of his ("The Last of the English Roses") after a Smiths album. fans of the band will also know that Mick Jones produced both Libertines albums, which not only channel the raw energy of the Libs' punk idols, but a subtle musical similarity down to their ridiculously talented drummer.

so you see, The Libertines are basically one of the greatest bands in the world, as they channel two of the greatest bands in rock n roll history. just like The Smiths and The Clash, The Libertines were musical pioneers. Peter Doherty and Carl Barat aren't even forty yet but they're fucking legends.

there is one minor problem: due to internal struggles, the band broke up in 2004. Barat continued to form Dirty Pretty Things and Doherty created Babyshambles. I love both bands, but neither come close to the perfection that is The Libertines.

but fear not folks, unless the universe has a very cruel sense of humour, the band is set to reunite next year. so stick in there, keep spinning your Libertines records (and maybe even Grace/Wastelands for a change of pace every now and again), and never, EVER stop believing in the unstoppable force that is THE LIBERTINES.

The Libertines - Don't Look Back Into The Sun [mp3]
a single which was not released on either Up The Bracket (2002) or The Libertines (2004)...but an excellent song nonetheless

also, it should be noted that Mick Jones is eager to produce the new record.

The Strokes Post #146

another round of bootlegs for you fantastic folks.

this concert is from September of 2006, at Boston's Bank of America Pavilion. to date, it is my absolute favourite Strokes performance (because the Oxegen concert set list is barbarically short). the play count on itunes can attest to this. they even do "Walk on the Wild Side"!

my only qualms with the set list are that they didn't play "Trying Your Luck", "Alone Together", or "Under Control"--three of the greatest songs ever written by man or robot (and three of the Strokes' best live songs). I'm actually quite pleased that they left out "Reptilia". they rarely ever manage to do that one well live, and it disgusts me that most people only know the Strokes because of some retarded video game.

expect the second half (and a zip file) tomorrow.

1. Ize of the World [mp3]
2. Julian Chatter [mp3] (this always makes me grin)
3. The Way It Is [mp3]
4. Red Light [mp3]
5. The Modern Age [mp3]
6. Juicebox [mp3]
7. Someday [mp3]
8. Heart in a Cage [mp3]
9. Killing Lies [mp3]
10. 12:51 [mp3]

Thursday, July 16, 2009

$5 off coupon for AMOEBA

click HERE to print one out, redeemable at any of the three locations, for purchases over $25 (until the end of September)

happy shopping =)

The Strokes Post #145

everyone's favourite interview, because Jules is actually talking:

thanks, klein!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Strokes Post #144

ah, studio. it brings tears to my eyes.

new Babyshambles album in the works

leading man Peter Doherty recently told a French interviewer that the album is currently being written. he explained that he's going to be writing lyrics for the music that Mik Whitnall (Babyshambles' guitarist) has written. watch the interview below:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter VI tonight!

anyone else going to a midnight showing of the sixth installment of the cult series? MONTHS OVERDUE, MAY I ADD?

enjoy the following clip, an extended version of the one found in the fourth film:

no, your eyes didn't fool you, that was Jarvis Cocker on vox, and Radiohead's very own Phil Selway and Jonny Greenwood behind drums and guitar. fucking sweet.

the film was spectacular. well worth seeing again and again and again. by far the best film since the first one, and it was oh so faithful to the book! Tom Felton SOARED.

new Arctic Monkeys tour dates!

finally! a proper tour!

8/1, Liberty State Park, NJ (All Points West)
8/2, Montreal, QC (Osheaga Festival)
8/3, New York, NY (Highline Ballroom)
8/4, New York, NY (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
8/5, Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club)
8/7, Chicago, IL (Metro)
8/9, Chicago, IL (Lollapalooza)
9/14, San Diego, CA (Soma)
9/15, Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Palladium)
9/16, Oakland, CA (Fox Theater)
9/18, Portland, OR (Wonder Ballroom)
9/19, Seattle, WA (The Showbox)
9/20, Vancouver, BC (Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park)
9/22, Salt Lake City, UT (In the Venue)
9/23, Denver, CO (Ogden Theatre)
9/25, Minneapolis, MN (First Avenue)
9/26, Milwaukee, WI (Eagles Ballroom)
9/28, Columbus, OH (Newport Music Hall)
9/29, Toronto, ON (Kool Haus)
9/30, Philadelphia, PA (Electric Factory)
10/02, New Orleans, LA (House of Blues)
10/03, Houston, TX (House of Blues)
10/04, Austin, TX (Austin City Limits Festival)
10/05, Dallas, TX (The Palladium Ballroom)

see you ladies in Oakland!

Arctic Monkeys - From Ritz to Rubble (Black Sessions) [mp3]
this will always be my favourite song from the band. I think the use of the word "jumpers" is what gets to me. oh how I love me some Britishisms.

Delta Spirit frontman to play local solo shows

photo by scottspy

according to the band's MYSPACE page, Matt Vasquez is going to embark on a short solo career by playing "a mix of delta songs/new songs/and cover songs"

7/18 - Detroit Bar / Costa Mesa, CA
7/21 - Spaceland / Los Angeles, CA
8/19 - The Casbah / San Diego, CA

check it out if you can!

The Strokes Post #143

dedicated to my main man Julian, who made his internet debut today as a solo artist.

here's a quote from yesteryear:

"It's just that feeling that you have that gives you the joy and understanding that you don't have in reality. And it's not like a shortcut to reality, it's more like an expansion on the understanding of what's going on. So I think it's interesting on many different levels. And for me, as soon as I started to understand how music worked I couldn't get enough, and I was stuck. That's what I had to do or just, you know, kill myself because I didn't want to be a dentist or anything else."

record review: The Dead Weather - Horehound

The very first track on the album, "60 Feet Tall" will tell you all you need to know about what has to be the year's greatest supergroup release. Listening to the guitar work alone reminded me of watching a live DVD that came with my purchase of Led Zeppelin's Mothership. The album is loud, abrasive, and best of all, sexy in a filthy way that makes one think it ought to be censored by Mormons.

I first heard the album when the band streamed it online a few days ago, and I will admit that it didn't strike me as I thought it would. I really enjoyed the band's singles up until that point, and didn't think that the album as a whole delivered like it should. After all, it's another one of Jack White's projects, and nobody can deny that man's super-human talent. One day, future generations will curse him for being so prolific that they can't keep a tab on all his music. But anyhow, upon listening to the album a second time, I realized that I must not have been paying attention the first time.

The Kills' leading lady Alison Mosshart, who sings most of the songs, has taken up White's signature style, so one cannot complain that Jack himself isn't carrying that load. Lucky for us, he's too busy manning the drums, his very first instrument. Guitarist Dean Ferita (from QOTSA) and Raconteurs' bass man Jack Lawrence deliver spectacularly as well. Horehound is deliberately messy, embracing fuzziness and rejecting any sort of order or cohesion. And miraculously, the band pulls it off.

The strongest track on the album is standout single "Hang You From the Heavens", but the entire album is ace. "Rocking Horse" borrows a little something from Black Lips' "Oh Katrina", and the following track ("New Pony") is actually a Bob Dylan number (from his album Street Legal, which I coincidentally was spinning yesterday), but the remaining songs are strikingly fresh.

Once upon a time, people played The Misfits to scare their younger siblings. These days, Horehound will do the trick. The album was released today, so go out and pick it up.


stream the entire album below:

BONUS: 6 golden tickets are hidden within copies of the album in the US only. Find one and you will win an expense paid trip to Nashville, TN to tour Third Man Records.

Julian Casablancas to release solo album, tour


a visit to the Strokes' official website confirmed that this isn't bogus.

the album, Phrazes for the Young, is eight songs long and will be released via Cult/RCA. It was produced by Jason Lader and Mike Mogis. luckily for us, Jules had been working on the album during the Strokes' hiatus, so this will most probably not affect the impending release of the fourth Strokes record.

Julian is planning to tour later in the year to support the album.

here's a preview of the album:

it's super trippy and I looove it.

visit Julian on his NEW WEBSITE

I, for one, am still in shock. Julian Casablancas is my hero. I cannot adequately explain how awesome this sounds.

thanks to K. for the head's up!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

new White Denim album on the way

the Texas trio's third LP--Fits-- is set for a release in October in the US. the band recorded and produced the album themselves. the band (like Cage the Elephant, and The Strokes and Kings of Leon before them) are doing much better in Europe, where the album was released last month. I, for one, apologize for my fellow Americans' shite taste in music.

tracklisting below:

'Radio Milk How Can You Stand It'
'All Consolation'
'Say What You Want'
'El Hard Attack Dcwyw'
'I Start To Run '
'Sex Prayer'
'Mirrored And Reverse'
'Paint Yourself'
'I'd Have It Just The Way We Were'
'Everybody Somebody'
'Regina Holding Hands'

via NME

visit the band on MYSPACE

White Denim - Mirrored and Reversed [mp3]

that was the song that got me into the band

The Strokes Post #142

concert review: Ra Ra Riot, Andrew Bird, Death Cab for Cutie @ Greek Theatre (Berkeley), 11 July 2009

Saturday’s concert was, hands down, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to (and I go to a ton of shows).The evening was simply magical.

Ra Ra Riot opened with a short but solid set drawing from their debut The Rhumb Line. Although they faltered at first, they gained confidence with each song, culminating with a spectacular rendition of "Oh, La" that was ringing in my head all night.

They were clearly comfortable, and their interaction on stage showcased deep bonds of friendship. Although their intimate, string driven songs would be better delivered at a small venue, the Greek Theatre's vast size did not hinder their enthusiasm, nor their strong deliveries.

Andrew Bird came on stage next and the crowd quickly broke into song wishing him a happy birthday (we did this again midway through his set). Bringing along his signature spinning gramophone and stuffed monkey, Mr. Bird awed the audience with his highly improvisational, technically magnificent songs.

My theory that this man possesses magical powers was cemented as it started raining during "Anonanimal", a beautiful rainbow emerging in the sky. The strongest song of the set was the closer, "Fake Palindromes". I was nearly in tears when he left the stage, and although I had only heard about an hour of music, I was satisfied. Death Cab was the frosting on the cake.

Death Cab for Cutie, or Taxi De La Muerta Para Mamasita (as a pair of Columbian boys translated for me) were simply stellar. I've been a fan of the band for four years now, but I had never seen them in concert. That was a big, big mistake on my part. Their live performance is much needed nourishment for the soul in an age where Rolling Stone gives the Jonas Brothers not one but two covers.

Their twenty song set list (which I jotted down as the night progressed) was superbly crafted; it reminded me a bit of what Rob from High Fidelity says about mix tapes (about turning it down a notch and then back up). Best of all, they relayed the songs equally. By this I mean they didn't seem any less enthused about playing their singles than their lesser known songs. I really hate it when bands make it seem like it's a burden to play their hits. Ben Gibbard did the opposite, and the result was amazing.

Best of all, the concert made me want to go home and play their records over and over again. The best concerts are the ones that remind you why you love the band in the first place, strengthening your resolve to shun the radio and revel in the glory that is quality music.

Set List:

Marching Bands of Manhattan
Your Heart is an Empty Room
The New Year
We Laugh Indoors
Crooked Teeth
No Sunlight
My Mirror Speaks
President of What?
Summer Skin
Grapevine Fires
I Will Possess Your Heart
I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Little Bribes
A Movie Script Ending
Soul Meets Body

What Sarah Said
Long Division
The Sound of Settling

Ra Ra Riot: 3.5/5

Andrew Bird: 4.9/5 (my only complaint is that his set should have been longer)

Death Cab for Cutie: 5/5

videos will be uploaded to my YOUTUBE page shortly

Death Cab for Cutie - Cath (Craig Ferguson) [mp3]

Sunday, July 12, 2009

interview: io echo

as you may or may not know, I am infatuated with the catchy dance-rock from LA based band io echo. their cover of the Beatles song "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" is one of my favourite things, ever. I had a chance to ask the band a few questions, and they had a great sense of humour, so read on below.

A few days ago, I saw a commercial featuring “Doorway”. When and how did that come about? It’s interesting how a lot of indie bands get mainstream recognition via phone commercials. How do you feel about it?

Leopold: The director of the commercial became a fan of the band when he saw us live. He developed this whole idea for the commercial based around us and pitched it to Sprint. Licensing is so important for indie bands, especially in the age of file sharing.

The commercial also made me realize that your given name is Joanna. It clicked that io is like “jo”. Is “io” your stage name or have you adopted it in other aspects of your life as well?

Joanna: My mother wanted to name me after a Bob Dylan song, "Johanna." Conveniently, my father wanted to name me after his mother, "ioanna" which is Greek for Joanna. They settled on ioanna, which is the name on my certificate. That's where the io comes from. My friends call me "io" or "jo." Sprint chose the American spelling of my name.

The Cure or The Smiths?

Joanna: Joy Division.

The last time we spoke, you were working on a full length album. How is that coming along? What does it sound like and when can we expect a release?

Leopold: We are currently working on a bunch of new ideas and will record them over the summer, so I suspect you will hear it before the year is out. It sounds like God’s Vagina.

You are based in LA. How do you like the music scene there? Would you rather be anywhere else?

Joanna: The music scene here is very nurturing. I think it's a great place to live if you are a musician. NYC, my hometown DC, London-- yes I identify with these places more. But the Los Angeles community is really positive and supportive and I think it's an extremely exciting place to be right now.

io echo resonates a lot with horror punk. The Misfits, Siouxsie and the Banshees—did you listen to these bands growing up?

Joanna: We love Siouxie but we did not necessarily listen to her growing up. Growing up I listened to a lot of dead British and German classical composers and also bands like The Cramps, Aphex Twin, Jonathan Fire*eater, (the kids from Jonathan Fire*eater went to my brother school, St. Albans and I looked up to them so much, even before they were Jonathan Fire*eater, when they were The Ignobles), Enigma, and a lot of DC punk and old school hip hop. But with The Cramps and Jonathan Fire*eater I think there is a lineage which you can trace back from those bands to Siouxsie, Bauhaus, and even further back to the Birthday Party and Suicide, perhaps even Silver Apples. I look at it kind of like a family tree.

Your music is grounded in dance-pop. Some people seem to think that dance music lacks substance. What role do you think dance music should play? What purpose would you like your music to serve?

Leopold: The people who think dance music lacks substance do not understand the purpose of dance music. Our music is not strictly dance, but all the songs are groove based. Whether it be a slow ballad or a frantic song, the groove, the way the rhythm section is locking, that is what makes you nod your head and is attractive to us. There is no specific purpose I would like it to serve. I made it, I poured my heart into it, I gave it to you. Do with it what you will.

Your cover of The Beatles’ “I Want You (She’s so Heavy)” is chilling and phenomenal. What drove you to play it for the first time? Is Abbey Road your favourite Beatles record?

Joanna: Thank you. Someone contacted us and asked us to play a Beatles tribute show. It was probably our third show as a band, but I had just seen the Horrors play at the same venue the week before so we wanted to play there too. After we played, the owner of the club came up to us and expressed that our version of Heavy moved him and that we had to put it in our set on a permanent basis. So we did. My favourite Beatles' record? Abbey road and The White Album are my favourite Beatles albums.

How did you meet Leo and when did you decide to form a band?

Joanna: We met at a seance. I raised him from the dead and he just followed me home. I was thinking about starting a band at the time, so I told him he might as well make himself useful if he was going to be hanging around, so he said that Jimi Hendrix had showed him the basics of guitar one night when they were chilling in hell, and that was that.

What’s the best thing about being on tour?

Leopold: Exploring the communities and subcultures of every place you go. It's fun to get lost in a new city and see where you end up.

What was the first song you wrote and how did you feel after finishing it?

Joanna: "Catapedaphobia." I felt shy about it. It was fairly recently, actually. I haven't been writing for very long.

What do you like to do when you’re not making music?

Leopold: Fuck

io echo - I Want You (She's So Heavy) (The Beatles cover) [mp3]

visit the band on MYSPACE

The Strokes Post #141

The Strokes - Is This IT (live, Mad TV) [mp3]

Sunday Morning Covers

yeah, so technically it isn't morning anymore but I couldn't sleep last night and woke up really late today. the Death Cab concert was phenomenal. I'll post about that very soon.

so here you are:

Death Cab for Cutie - Thriller (Michael Jackson cover) [mp3]

The Postal Service - Suddenly Everything Has Changed (Flaming Lips cover) [mp3]

Cartel - Wonderwall (Oasis cover) [mp3]

Beck - Do You Realize (Flaming Lips cover) [mp3, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]

Calexico - Fourth Time Around (Bob Dylan cover) [mp3]

The Morning Benders - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover) [mp3]

Foo Fighters - Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin cover) [mp3]

Jack Johnson - My Doorbell (White Stripes cover) [mp3]

Sonic Youth - I'm Not There (Bob Dylan cover) [mp3, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]

Cold War Kids - Electioneering (Radiohead cover) [mp3]

Robbers on High Street - Monkberry Moon Delight (Paul McCartney cover) [mp3, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]