Thursday, August 19, 2010

Classic Track Thursday

you know that Cold War Kids lyric?
"I give a check to tax deductible charity organizations"
that's a tribute to Dylan. to this song specifically.

Bob Dylan - Ballad of a Thin Man [mp3]
from Highway 61 Revisited (1965), and probably my favourite LP by Bobby

I have an explosive cover of it that I'll post on Sunday. stay tuned!


Melli said...

my 2nd favourite song ever, again shows you've got taste ;)
btw I hope you are not talking about the cover from the "I'm not there"-soundtrack because I wouldn't call that one explosive ;)

Hanan said...

cheers, yo
why yes it's the Malkmus one and I am so obsessed with it. just got it. I became a Pavement fan after I saw I'm Not There so hearing it now is just so great.
maybe I love Malkmus too much. I don't mind.

what's your favourite song?

Melli said...

and maybe I'm a bit too obsessed with Dylan so I'm a bit too critical about everyone trying to cover him ;) i'll give the cover another try later on ;)

my favourite song is sad eyed lady of the lowlands :) when i first heard it a few years ago, it just blew me away and it still does everytime i listen to it.

Unknown said...

Malkmus' cover is ace.

That is all.

Hanan said...

gosh Neil, yes

and Melli, I know how untouchable fave bands are.

Frankie said...

I gotta thank u for sharing Andrew Bird's cover of Oh Sister. It's one of my favorite covers of Dylan.

Dylan track of the day: Boots Of Spanish Leather