Sunday, June 21, 2009

Delta Spirit name new album

according to THIS ARTICLE, the San Diego-based band's sophomore effort will see a 2010 release and will be called Natalie Portman Says This Album Will Change Your Life (referencing Garden State)

I'm very excited about a new album from one of my all time favourite bands. they are spectacular live. so much passion and soul!

Delta Spirit - Streetwalker [mp3]
my favourite song by the band, with creepy but amazing LYRICS (it's about children working in the sex trade). originally released on the I Think I've Found It EP, re-released on the Rounder Records version of their eponymous debut

here's a great live version from when I saw them at Bottom of the Hill:


2plus2isjoe said...

I cannot wait for this, I reviewed their debut when it got its re-release over here and absolutely loved it!

Hanan said...

it's amazing all right, but no where near their live sound! have you seen them in concert? I always tell people to try to go to their shows. I've been on the Delta Spirit train ever since I saw them in February of '08, and they had self-released CD (which I bought and was slightly disheartened with, as compared to their live performance)
the re-release, which I also bought, has a new version of "Streetwalker", which is cool too. my favourite album of theirs is the EP "I think I've Found It"

by the way, I looked for the review on your site and couldn't find it.

2plus2isjoe said...

Oh I didn't make that very clear, I reviewed it for my uni newspaper, not my blog, but I keep meaning to get all those reviews and repost them on the site. Maybe sometime during my holidays.

Have the band done a tour of Europe yet?

Hanan said...

oh ok.

yeah, they've been on tour for ages. they toured with M. Ward and Matt Costa and The Shins (off the top of my head) and I'm sure they did a Euro tour because I saw some photos on their site from Belgium or something. they're finalizing the new album and a new tour is probably in the works. I'll post dates when I get em.

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