Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ben Sollee's bike tour II

info on his first bike tour can be found HERE

"It's not about trying to be 'green' - whatever that means these days - and saving the environment. It's about pace of life and re-localizing. I've spent nearly ten years on the road now and the expectations of the industry are enormous. When you get a call the night before to play late-night TV the next day on the other side of the country you do it. If there's a good money gig but it's 300 miles the other way, you do it. But not if you're on a bicycle. It's a beautiful limitation, because all the reasons you once thought of to avoid these small towns go out the window and the communities become really valuable to us."

Aug 18 - San Diego CA - Sushi Art
Aug 20 - Long Beach CA - {OPEN}
Aug 21 - Los Angeles CA - The Bootleg Theater
Aug 22 - Santa Monica CA - SMMoA - Tour da Arts
Aug 24 - Santa Barbara CA - SoHo
Aug 25 - Salinas CA - The Steinbeck Center
Aug 26 - Santa Cruz CA - The Crepe Place
Aug 28 - San Francisco CA - Rickshaw Warehouse
Sept 04 - Fort Collins - Tour De Fat
Sept 10 - Harve de Grace, MD - Biller's Bikes
Sept 12 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
Sept 15 - Doylestown PA - Puck Live
Sept 16 - Bethlehem PA - Wild Flower Cafe
Sept 18 - Kempton PA - Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival
Sept 21 - York PA - The Depot
Sept 23 - Frederick MD - Cafe Nola
Sept 24 - Bethesda MD - Mansion at Strathmore
Sept 25 - Washington DC - Edmund Burke School
Oct 07 - Richmond KY - Eastern Kentucky University
Oct 08 - Frankfort KY - Grand Theatre

Ben Sollee - How to See the Sun Rise [mp3]

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Anonymous said...

I know nothing of Ben Sollee except his cover of A Change Is Gonna Come, but I love the idea of a bike tour. Brilliant.

Hanan said...

his debut album is very good.

Mari said...

First we had Amber Rubarth, Jason Reeves, and Brandon James arriving on Vespas. Now we have Ben Sollee and his crew coming to town on bicycles. Touring musicians sure are showing an alternative to the 50' trucks these days!

We're excited Ben Sollee will play the Monterey Bay area, including Nat'l Steinbeck Center in Salinas. Details--including local tips for cyclists--provided at