Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Strokes Post #14

this post hopes to serve the purpose of showcasing how they've evolved as a band, not only musically, but in perspective as well

in 2001, Albert Hammond Jr told Guitar Magazine:

"'That whole rock'n'roll thing is tired, like the lead guitarist is the one that does all the coke and Jack Daniels,' Hammond spits, possibly having imbibed some fermented liquid himself earlier on. 'And then you've got the rhythm section, where one of them is gay and the other one goes to bed early every night.'

What about the one where the guitarist makes solo album because he believes that he's the real talent in the band? 'Solo album!' chokes out Hammond, as the rest of the bus collapse in laughter at the idiocy of the suggestion. 'You know what my solo album would be like? It would sound just like The Strokes, because it would be like "Hey Julian! Do you want to sing on my album? Fab, would you play drums. Nikolai, is bass OK? Nick, how about playing some guitar? 'Cos I don't know any other musicians.

'We ain't changing right now - I'm not changing my equipment because I need every single thing and I haven't done everything yet. We won't wait five years to do the next album - I don't like playing things more than a couple of times. We're gonna keep moving, and we're gonna keep moving together."

contrary to what the 2001 Albert may have thought, they did end up releasing solo projects, and the beauty of it all is that they did indeed consult one another for help. Nick contributed to Little Joy, Julian sang on Yours to Keep, etc etc.

I love my boys.

Albert Hammond Jr- Scared [mp3]


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