Thursday, July 1, 2010

Classic Track Thursday

take a moment to collect yourself before I introduce you to your new favourite band from yesteryear

Wipers - Don't Know What I Am [mp3]
from their 1980 debut, Is This Real?

crucial punk rock from Portland. that's all you need to know. now get listening.


Lisa Coronado-Morse said...

I am so glad you like this band! And that I kind of had something to do with it...finally I get to return the favor :)

Hanan said...

you had everything to do with it. I would have cited you in the post, but it would have been creepy.

ie: hey yall, this is a band that my super awesome friend Lisa introduced me to. trust her, she publishes porn for a living

anyhow, you shouldn't be surprised. our tastes overlap like mad, cause we have wicked good taste. LET'S HUM THE GUITARS IN MARQUEE MOON, YOU DO RHYTHM AND I'LL DO LEAD! hahaha