Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Strokes Post #520

this INTERVIEW is crazy good. I love it when Julian's interviewers are fans. which they usually are, 'cause he's awesome

I feel like I learned a lot, the guy asked good questions. Crime and Punishment is easily in my top ten books of all time. I almost started crying when I read this part:

"Rumi’s my favorite kind of poet...That stuff is bonkers out of this world cool. And out there crazy and yeah, that’s always the dream; that the lyrics can still work like that. Cause I think he was a musician, you know? So it can feel like those poems he sang, that’s like ideal."

Rumi has always been a favourite of mine and it makes so much sense that Julian appreciates his art. The Strokes and his solo work always had a dreamy undertone to me. not dreamy like dream-pop, MBV status, but obviously coming from a brain that does not function in a linear way.

cheers to Eric for posting it first


Be Rad said...

Such a good interview. Thanks for pointing this out. If you interested in the 8 bit covers he speaks of in the interview, I just posted The Strokes songs and will post the Phrazes songs when I get back from Lolla. :)

Hanan said...

it gave me a headache, yo!