Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Strokes Post #526

this is absolutely fantastic:

thanks Arthur!


Arthur. L said...

Yay! It made it!

-L. Arthur

yeahBoy said...

um why isn't there a piece on julian casablancas' (too lazy to google check my self before i wreak my self) work on danger mouse's newest album? the more you know presented by ABC

Edith said...

There were a lot of pieces talking about "Little Girl" about a year or so ago when it leaked.

She's pretty awesome at finding all sorts of strokes news. If it's not in the recent posts, it's surely on one of the archives. :)

Hanan said...

cheers Edith

the reason I'm not posting about this album now was best summed up by MY favourite music blogger, Anthony at TND